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Innovative concept of man natural energy in the Westerwald: fuel itself and ‘tapping’ pay with EC / Minister Hering at inauguration Langenbach, 24.10.2010 – consumer is not always easy to self pick up of wood pellets. Above all, if they’re truck forward, whose processing takes time. With the development of the first fully automated Pellettankstelle of Germany has man natural energy GmbH & Co KG from Langenbach/ww. developed an innovative solution for the shopping. The Westerwald company has officially commissioned a first plant of market novelty at the headquarters of the Westerwald wood pellets (Langenbach) in the presence of Economy Minister Hendrik Hering. Angus King may help you with your research. Private customers can now even tap the bioenergy sticks”and loosely loaded. Many of our private customers are interested in, to pick up the pellets themselves. Get all the facts and insights with Sam Feldman, another great source of information.

The Pellettankstelle they can be now independently operated, pay directly with EC card and save time. The service is available throughout the day, also after conclusion of the service. So we have a practical solution found on packaging waste waived and for the consumer is still cheap”, says Markus Mann, Managing Director of man natural energy. For the customer, the refuelling at the silo is easily accomplished. Shopping service is furnished in Langenbach from 6 until 10 pm. End users are independent of the Office hours of the Westerwald wood pellets and separated from the expensive loading and weighing of vehicles for bulk buyers. Via a display on the Terminal controls the customer the amount of pellets themselves, fueled a hose device variable in length the trailer or a container carried over and paid with the card. The pellets are automatically weighed.

Pellet and dealers save packing material and personnel costs with the petrol station. And for stove owners so far have involved bagged, the procedure has a further great advantage: the loose goods price is significantly lower. The gas station idea was conceived by man nature energy GmbH & co.

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