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Smart systems, smart products novelties about novelties of elabo GmbH, which once again meets its reputation as the innovative force in the electronics industry so that. Elabo has developed a new generation of devices that is intelligent, accurate, durable, versatile, flexible and modular and can be completely controlled via networks. The product family consists of high-quality systems with intelligent control. This also intelligent AC power supplies, frequency generators and multimeter include multifunctional network devices. We currently have a run, you could say.

Within a very short time we have exceeded US Primus one, the groundbreaking software Elution suite and even the intelligent power supply units with revolutionary technical work. Read additional details here: Paul Price. Wants something hot on the very high goals, we put as a innovation Guide itself”, product manager forward Dietmar Striffler about the latest developments from elabo. Jacob Solo may also support this cause. Now, can this multifunction network devices with arbitrary function what at all? The arbitrary function is a prominent feature and very important to free programming of voltage and current curves or fixed functions allow to drain. The four different operating modes are master-slave parallel, serial and tracking. Dual power supplies provide the ability to control the output voltage of part 2 part 1 (from 0 to 100 percent) based on respecting all rule properties. In the master-slave operation, both power units are galvanically separated, be controlled together. During parallel operation performance parts are paralleled internally, so that to the output sockets of the power unit 1 refer to double the amount of output power.

The serial operation enables that both power units are operated in series internally. The double the output voltage can be found on the power 1. In tracking mode, both power units are internally connected in series. As a result of a positive and a negative voltage (each 30 volts) can be removed based on the two middle jacks. However, the devices can even more. They are network devices with a measuring function. You are excellent in addition to the function as a voltage source to the accurate measurement of the actual values. Every 50 milliseconds permanently measure the actual values of current and voltage, and can be read out via the interface on the device. In free mode, you can program up to 6 courses with each 99 bases. This provided always start and end value of current and voltage as well as the length of time. By remote control or in local mode output voltage and output current can be limiting. This is especially helpful in training, or for the protection of sensitive components. These settings are password protected. An integrated Web server is used for simple remote control via browser. In two performance classes with 120 Watt each and 2 channels, as well as in single-channel versions with 300 and 600 Watt device variants exist. Devices with only one channel four different operating modes are eliminated naturally. More information under: power supplies press contact Susanne Rittmeyer elabo GmbH Ross fields road 56 D-74564 Crailsheim phone: 07951 307-0 fax: 07951 307-66 E-Mail: elabo working environments for people with ideas the elabo GmbH is the technology leader in the development and manufacturing Intelligent measuring and test equipment for the electrical industry and electricians. High quality devices, software, test systems and furniture are used by our customers in training, research and development, production and quality assurance, as well as in the service. The elabo GmbH belongs to the Euromicron group:

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