Meet The Sphinx Cat

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The cat sphinx, also known as the Sphinx cat, is one of the most unique cat breeds between the wide variety of cats, since its main feature is the absence of the mantle of fur. Therefore it is showing his bare skin, no protection. The presence of this cat, is due to the existence of a genetic mutation that occurred naturally, the first data on the occurrence of this variety of cat were in the country of Canada by the year 1966. The story of the Sphinx cat is really short compared with other species of cats there, so much so that in much of Europe recently introduced, why is little known in the world. For the great similarity which manages the cat sphinx cat devon rex, has believed that the Sphinx cat is the result of a mutation of the other variety of hairless cat, but despite the similarity between the two races, the Sphinx cat has its origins not related to the devon rex cat, so much so that Sphinx cats are considered, only those given Sphinx cats between them. The combination of a sphinx and a cat devon rex, do not get a specific breed, but a variant of both races. It should be noted that throughout history there have been several instances of cats with no hair, simple natural performance.

To form the Sphinx cat breed, in Canada, in the 1960s, there were various jobs until achieve certain basic features of differentiation. The Sphinx cat’s physical appearance, certainly suggests a quite delicate, since the absence of the coat, let the cat very exposed to weather conditions, plus it gives a very thin, but the cat sphinx characterized by a very healthy cat, given the large number of muscles that holds your body, therefore the Sphinx cat is indeed robust. Due to the absence of the coat, the Sphinx cat is very vulnerable to certain conditions, such as climate, hence this cat alone in a good way to live in warm, dry climates, just as you do not receive the rays of direct sunlight. This does not mean that the Sphinx cat does not have any protection, since this has a thick layer of subcutaneous fat. The Sphinx breed is characterized by its robust body and heavy compared to other varieties of cats, a slim body and thin, both legs and tail are long and slim look. The head is triangular, with large, pointed ears, has very expressive eyes, a color between green and yellow. The Sphinx cat is perhaps one of the most sociable cat breeds and more are adjusting to life with people being very friendly and lively character.

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