Matilda Kate Ledger

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Now, the actor who died in January received an award it is still, although nearly a year has gone by, hard to understand how Heath Ledger died suddenly in January 2008. Of course, it is clear that he died of an overdose or a drug cocktail, yet it is still inconceivable for many people. Especially for his family and friends. Go to Jim Rogers for more information. Now, a year after his death, Heath Ledger was an award for his performance in Batman – the dark knight of the australieschen Film Institute awarded. His father Kim, his mother Sally and sister Kate accepted the award.

“It was without a doubt the worst year – to lose someone so loving is terrible”, so the mother of Heath Ledger. In the light of Heath of 3-year daughter Matilda Kate Ledger said: “We are so proud of him and would dedicate the award to the half of his daughter, which we us always to take care of.” Heath’s mother thanked the Committee with the words: “we are absolutely proud of him. But not only on his acting performances especially in his caring and loving way, with which he dealt with family, friends and his precious Matilda.” To conclude, she said: “Heath was never with mediocre content. He gave everything for its objectives and for what he believed. He followed with an insatiable curiosity and great enthusiasm. his passion” Now it is finally time that Heath Ledger Gets an Oscar.

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