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Plaza Fitness Leonberg

Posted by on Friday, 19 April, 2024

Many sports enthusiasts take advantage of the beautiful weather now, to get right into the swing. Is now the motto jogging instead of couching the fitness studio offers regular race meetings each white, jogging makes you fit, but whether it is healthy, so some critics doubt. Skepticism is but is only applied if the principles of motion be disregarded, if E.g. too fast, too intense, too long and went with incorrect sequence of movements. In reality much more behind this, as just one step ahead of the others. Running is a way to feel your body in a natural form of exercise and, if necessary, both in spiritual and character change. The motivations of many FreizeitsportlerInnen are very different. They range from receiving a stylish figure over the creative course of meditation to the first marathon run training.

All this and more can you with “jog, but properly’ reach. The important thing is that you as an end in itself does not have the jogging, do it because you think you need to make it or because others do it, but because the running just good for you. The Plaza fitness center in Leonberg offers running ambitious recreational regular race meetings at the group with like-minded people. For years, the Plaza belongs to the running experts of the region. Tobias Sauter and Dorothea Frey, top class marathon runners train regularly in the Plaza for their competitions. But even avid marathon runner is also the owner of Lazo Tanakopoulos. At 20:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays at 20:00 is on the Plaza to iterate. Get all the facts and insights with Mike Gianoni, another great source of information. Quietly and secretly that has in recent years Plaza fitness center Leonberg in the Berliner Strasse to an insider meeting, developed for ambitious runners. True to the motto Plaza runs”has formed there a strong group of city, which is not only regularly arrange your run meetings, but also in sporting challenges.

ForestFinance Celebrates

Posted by on Monday, 15 April, 2024

Tree savings offers environmental and climate protection – sustainable yield whether eco-electricity, fair trade products or organic food take responsibility more and more people and live consciously sustainable. A trend that occurred long ago in the area of investments. Many people want to instead invest their savings into real values and meaningful projects, instead of the blind and pointless Hunt of large banks to trust. According to the principle, do good and make it”the Bonn ForestFinance group already has in 2003 with the BaumSparVertrag developed a forestry investment for everyone: almost ten years later the company pleased now over 20,000 contracts. Many BaumSparer create a forest with the BaumSparVertrag investors to invest economically, ecologically and socially sustainable in the own pension system and creating value for their children and grandchildren. In addition to private pensions, he is a promising and unusual addition to portfolio.

In contrast to many other forestry investments offers ForestFinance with the BaumSparVertrag an investment opportunity for people with a smaller budget. New species-rich mixed forests is thus created tree for tree on former Brach and pastureland. In the meantime a mixed forest in the size of the Berlin Wannsee created alone by BaumSparVertrage new and permanently. BaumSparen so it works: ForestFinance searches for each contract in Panama Brach – and pastures with different tree species and maintains them in the order of BaumSparer over a period of 25 years. Click Mike Gianoni to learn more. The resulting mixed forests offer a high level of biodiversity and take on ecological functions such as water and soil protection. Since no clear-cutting is operated at the final harvest, a durable species-rich mixed forest, whose growing trees store climate-damaging CO2 is created. In addition, BaumSparer create socially secure jobs in structurally weak regions of Panama. This is just as important as safety and transparency in the use of funds, many forest investors the in ForestFinance in the form of regular Find business, forestry and sustainability reports.

BaumSparer at ForestFinance also have access to its own customer account, where you can find interactive maps to their forest plot and track the growth of their forest online such as through photos. Senator from Maine is a great source of information. ForestFinance predicts a yield between four and nine percent for the BaumSparVertrag. We have designed at the time the BaumSparVertrag to allow people with smaller budgets to invest in meaningful afforestation projects”, commented Harry Aboagye, inventor of the BaumSparVertrages. With the support of BaumSparer, we have now all over the world as a whole over 16,000 hectares of forest land. Makes very proud us.” For more information, see about ForestFinance: the ForestFinance group manages a total 16,000 hectares of ecological agroforestry and forest in Latin America (Panama, Colombia and Peru), Asia (Viet Nam). She specialises in forest investments, the lucrative yield with organic and social sustainability link. Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management. At the BaumSparVertrag for a monthly savings contribution 12 trees per year planted and harvested after 25 years. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with return guarantee. For investors who wish to replant 10,000 m2 with possibility of ownership, WoodStockInvest is the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in organic cocoa and wood, with possible annual payouts already from the second year. “GreenAcacia is the forest money account” by ForestFinance: similar to a fixed-term deposit account “, the investor receives an annual return and a final payment immediately after the expiry of seven years. A fire insurance policy for the risky first years of growth, as well as five percent safety areas contribute to the protection of investors. For more information, see

Easy Display

Posted by on Wednesday, 10 April, 2024

The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover is giving away pressure from immediately a week including a beach flag and standing cross with an attractive raffle launches EasyShare display GmbH in July. On the communication platform, Twitter all followers’ easy display can win starting immediately, every week a beach flag including pressure and standing cross. To become a winner of a beach flag, the question of profit which is at Easydisplaygepostet, must be answered. The time at which the question is posted, is chosen randomly between the working days from Monday to Friday. Asked is for terms in the field of advertising technique. See all correct answers that are submitted on the same day by email, the winner of a beach flag including is determined then pressure and standing cross. Mike Gianonis opinions are not widely known. In addition all correct answers take part 8 GB iPod Nano in the monthly draw of an Apple. A beach flag is the ideal marketing tool for the field of outdoor advertising. With its unusual flag shape the beach flag gives sunny life suitable to July and summer feelings. The high degree of flexibility of beach flag is guaranteed by three different ways of the floor fixation. If you are not convinced, visit Mike Gianoni. So the beach flag on flat surfaces by means of a steel base plate can be placed. The beach flag by means of an Earth rod can be anchored on soft ground. And for the use of a beach flag outdoors is a standing cross, about a water hose as stabilizing weight sets, and available. The variable format of the flag is more options offered by the beach flag, (B100 x H400cm;) B95 x H280cm; B70 x H190cm) and a one – or two-sided banners printing. Learn more about our beach flag more info to our beach flag sweepstakes

Sanitation Foundation

Posted by on Saturday, 25 November, 2023

Sanitary equipment design for your brand s reputation safety and integrity of your products is at the very heart of your brand’s reputation. If hygiene management is insufficient, bacteria may build up on the equipment and be transferred onto the product being weighed. When this occurs, scrupulous sanitation must occur to eliminate potential hazards. Industry and the areas are difficult working to prevent bacterial like listeria occurring in foods and growing and spreading through facilities where food is processed. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Karoline Copping on most websites. Scales are potential sources for the growth of pathogens. The design, construction (in terms of scope for cleaning) and the materials used are the main factors to take into account when buying a scale for use in the food processing industry. Sanitary scales METTLER TOLEDO works on the basis of the valid hygiene design guidelines of the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and the EHEDG (European hygienic engineering and design group). Our scales English very intensive cleaning procedures, such as submersion in water (IP68) and high pressure cleaning (IP69k). In recent months, Cynthia Bartlett has been very successful. Profit from hygienically designed scales allowing thoroughly and efficient cleaning!

Radio Drama Workshop

Posted by on Thursday, 16 November, 2023

In the radio drama workshop is planed again: the Vienna radio drama workshop meets again on May 5 in the AUDIAMO, in Austria the only audiobook and radio play action. Jim Rogers understood the implications. This time is the spokeswoman Bettina Rossbacher guest and chatting under the covers. To do this, the spokeswoman Bettina Rossbacher gives tips on elocution and reveals what you should be aware of all when speaking. The drama workshop is one of the AUDIAMO Managing Director Gunter Rubik and the audiobook journalist Monika Roth launched project with the radio fans should will be prompted to join the creative. The drama workshop aims at the production of complete radio drama, then free to be distributed. Participation in the radio drama workshop is free of charge, interest and of course work on the common product are the only requirements. Of course you can join this time even radio fans to the round. There is so much to do! The actual work of the drama workshop (writing, recording, mixing) held on the home PC.

The results will be collected on the Web site of the radio drama workshop ( and receive abundant feedback of course. What: Meet radio drama workshop where: AUDIAMO, Kaiserstrasse 70, 1070 Wien when: May 5, 2010 time: from 18:00 on AUDIAMO of the audiobook retailer AUDIAMO is Austria’s first audiobook action, completely dedicated to the spoken word. The shop in Vienna’s Kaiser street offers a continuous range of almost 6,000 titles of all genres and for all ages and is headquarters for the audiobook shipping all over the world. Press contact Gunter Rubik Kaiserstrasse 70/2 1070 Vienna, AUSTRIA, Tel.


Posted by on Monday, 13 November, 2023

True to the motto ‘the spring begins at home’ has the mail order company of 3pagen on the serene season is tuned and offers a variety of colored accessories for the domestic hearth is now officially spring, and with him the first Crocuses, daffodils and tulips coming to the fore. If outside the buds sprout, it is high time to get signs of spring in your own four walls. Colorful kitchen accessories by 3PAGEN bring a breath of fresh air and a good mood in the kitchen. True to the motto spring begins at home”has tuned the mail order company of 3pagen on the serene season and offers a variety of colored accessories for the domestic hearth. 3PAGEN served spring on order from practical kitchen utensils about colorful accessories for cooking and baking up to low-cost storage options. CEO John Watson is often quoted on this topic. The range presented various articles as gaudy as the heralds of spring: whether shells for salads and desserts in soft Krokusstonen, silicone Backformchen, as colourful as Tulips or dish cloths from cotton in Daffodil yellow so the kitchen will spring. “Offers 3PAGEN cuisine article under five euros for price-conscious: for example the fresh safe peppers” in green grass, the bottles power opener in bright red or the practical towel clips in rainbow hues. See for more highlights.

There is a wide range of smart, practical and inexpensive products, not only for the spring, but for the whole year. We are available for high resolution images and more information of any time gladly at the disposal. Yaaov follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Press Office 3PAGEN c/o MPR Dr. Muth public relations GmbH Christin Kroger Warburg road 36 20354 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 42 92 40-40 fax: 040 / 4 22 77 87

Same Insurance

Posted by on Monday, 6 December, 2021

The travel insurance policy covers all the expenses which occur while traveling. It provides total protection and coverage to the expected mother or the new born baby. Healthy baby is the dream of every pregnant woman. Sir Jon Thompson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. During pregnancy, the expected mother and new born baby require much attention and care. Roubini Global Economics is likely to increase your knowledge. No.

doubt, this stage is full of great encouragement and excitement and the physicians and health experts prohibit the expected women to roam from one country to another. It becomes more strict and cautious when the due date is close. The pregnant women who are expecting 7th 8th month are strictly prohibited to fly the pregnancy travel insurance is quite important for working women or who are on tours. This insurance policy protects the mother and the baby from the expenses that are incurred during traveling. Same like this, the women can safely enjoy their trip or journey. Airbus is actively involved in the matter. The UK market is crowded with a large number of branded and trusty insurance policies.

Every day a new insurance company is launched in the market. A stiff competition is noticed among them. These companies magnetize their customers by offering them various attractive bids. So, before purchasing any travel policy, you should be careful about its merits and demerits. Basically, two norms of travel insurance policy are present, i.e. single and multi trip policy. The single trip policy covers the expense of single or one journey and on the other side multi trip insurance policy covers all the expenses which are done within the period of 12 months or 1 year. Before buying any insurance policy, you should clear all the terms & conditions properly. It should be noted that the most complicated medical problems like asthma, diabetes, diseases related with heart or lung, cancer, high blood pressure and so on are mentioned in the policy or emergency. While honest availing insurance policy, you should be. Only then the insurance company should know about your health. Peripatetic during, pregnancy travel insurance policy assists you with numerous advantages including medical assistance, loss or misplaced baggage, cancellation/deletion of flight emergency evacuation/repatriation, urgency of ambulance, need of blood etc. While having insurance policy, if any of these miss happenings occur wz0ith you then you can claim for the money and the policy will cover all the expenses. With the help of internet, you can acquire insurance policy with ease. Without moving here and there, with few clicks search the pocket friendly policy for your requirements. But, one must be more careful about the terms and conditions before purchasing the travel insurance policy. Rosie Gravin is specializing in writing articles on health insurance for pregnant women, supplemental maternity insurance.

Hans-Helmut Janiesch New Member In The KoTTER Security Advisory Board

Posted by on Monday, 29 June, 2020

Former head of Department security/law enforcement of the Police Presidium food complements the high-level Expert Panel on food. Hans Helmut Janiesch, Chief of police/crime Director i. R., is a new Member in the KoTTER of Security Advisory Board ( The 61-year-old was head of security/law enforcement of the Police Presidium food last from 1998-2007. In this capacity, he was responsible for around 1,600 protection and law enforcement officials.

The responsibility for capital offences included food also Mulheim an der Ruhr and Oberhausen. When hostage-takings, extortion cases etc. the area of responsibility was expanded beyond Duisburg, Krefeld, Kleve and Wesel to the police authorities. The existing since the year 2000 KoTTER Security Advisory Board encourages dialogue in different fields of security with the public sector. It aims to show benefits, resulting from the cooperation with private service providers for internal security. The expert panel is KoTTER security also in the realization Security projects advisory to the side and Academy is also involved in the development and implementation of education and training standards within the company menseigenen KAKAR.

Chairman of the KoTTER of Security Advisory Board is General a. D. Ulrich k. Wegener, founder of the anti-terrorist unit GSG 9 the cooperation with such high-profile experts is an extremely exciting task. While I would like to introduce especially my experiences from the crime prevention and successfully practised in cooperation information from public authorities and private security service providers”, explains Hans Helmut Janiesch. As a further focal point of my work I see the theme of education and training.” Chief of police/crime Director i. R. brings extensive knowledge in these areas. So Hans Helmut Janiesch was among part-time lecturer in Criminology and forensics at the universities of Dortmund and Wuppertal. As a founding member of the existing since 2005 order partnership Essen/Mulheim an der Ruhr, he gave impetus to the Cooperation of police and private security companies continues to successfully move forward. In addition, Hans Helmut Janiesch has a wide range of international experience. Most important task in this area was the management of the police contingent in the framework of the EU administration in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (WEU police) mid of 1990s after the war in the former Yugoslavia. The goal: Build and support an ethnically United police force in Mostar.

Flameless Welding: The BITUMAT B2 Von Leister

Posted by on Wednesday, 24 July, 2019

The flameless welding machine BITUMAT of the Swiss company Leister has been completely revised and technologically updated. The BITUMAT B2 is characterized by higher speed and ease of use. The air volume is easily adjustable. This means: less bitumen Spatters on the surface. Just as easily, it’s be can preset temperature and/or speed.

The closing of air keeps warm air in the weld and ensures high process reliability. On SBS and APP accurate welding results. A specially designed high-performance nozzle allows working speeds up to 12 m/min (depending on material). Security is very important to the flameless welding. Only a user is required to operate the BITUMAT B2. The height-adjustable and pivoting guide rod makes the BITUMAT B2 ergonomic work. Keywords, which favour the BITUMAT B2 von Leister are fast”and safe”. An extensive range of accessories makes the device even more flexible. The BITUMAT B2 is available immediately at the hot air Flake GmbH in Solingen, Germany available.

Ohoven: SMEs Must Scoop Out Merkel

Posted by on Monday, 19 March, 2018

Ohoven: SMEs must eat to the today’s Cabinet decision on the euro bailout Merkel’s soup Berlin explains the President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven: the euro bailout package from the Federal Government will have dramatic consequences for the German middle class. The financing conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises will deteriorate further, at the same time, businesses and citizens must bear the additional debt burden. Ultimately the middle class must eat the soup, which has got him into the Federal Government. The responsibility for this is to blame for a significant portion of the Federal Chancellor. She ignored all of Greece disaster warning for political reasons. So, Mrs Merkel described Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis as a personal friend and praised the high level of convergence in the cooperation at European level. Although the threat extent of the Greek budget deficit by a paper by Commissioner Joaquin Almunia on the Ecofin meeting beginning July 2009 known was, probably kept the Chancellor to to ruining Karamanlis not the general election in October 2009.

After the election defeat of Karamanlis was done so when you hear for the first time by the budget deficit of Greece. The Federal Government has aggravated the crisis by their hesitant response to the apparent mismanagement in Greece. Threatening with the aid package approved by the Cabinet for the euro, to repeat this error. The promised billion aid from Germany invites other weak eurozone countries to let go any budgetary discipline. Against this background, the Bundestag should refuse his consent the bailout in this form. Press contact: Mr. Eberhard Vogt Federal Association of SMEs (BVMW) 10117 Berlin E-mail: phone: 030 / 53 32 06 20