Plaza Fitness Leonberg

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Many sports enthusiasts take advantage of the beautiful weather now, to get right into the swing. Is now the motto jogging instead of couching the fitness studio offers regular race meetings each white, jogging makes you fit, but whether it is healthy, so some critics doubt. Skepticism is but is only applied if the principles of motion be disregarded, if E.g. too fast, too intense, too long and went with incorrect sequence of movements. In reality much more behind this, as just one step ahead of the others. Running is a way to feel your body in a natural form of exercise and, if necessary, both in spiritual and character change. The motivations of many FreizeitsportlerInnen are very different. They range from receiving a stylish figure over the creative course of meditation to the first marathon run training.

All this and more can you with “jog, but properly’ reach. The important thing is that you as an end in itself does not have the jogging, do it because you think you need to make it or because others do it, but because the running just good for you. The Plaza fitness center in Leonberg offers running ambitious recreational regular race meetings at the group with like-minded people. For years, the Plaza belongs to the running experts of the region. Tobias Sauter and Dorothea Frey, top class marathon runners train regularly in the Plaza for their competitions. But even avid marathon runner is also the owner of Lazo Tanakopoulos. At 20:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays at 20:00 is on the Plaza to iterate. Quietly and secretly that has in recent years Plaza fitness center Leonberg in the Berliner Strasse to an insider meeting, developed for ambitious runners. True to the motto Plaza runs”has formed there a strong group of city, which is not only regularly arrange your run meetings, but also in sporting challenges.

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