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International Monetary Fund

Posted by on Tuesday, 16 April, 2013

The triumph of Correa in Ecuador, re-elected with 51.7% of the vote, strengthens the leftist movements that are taking place in the region. This block, consisting of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba and Paraguay, has been chosen by strengthening the participation of the State in the economy and rethink its relationship with the United States. The socialism of 21st century, named for President Correa, seeks both redistribution of wealth and divorce from global financial and banking institutions (the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank). Thinking of this block highlights it the words of belt: changes are possible but out of the capitalist system, within the new socialism. These changes are being sought through new integration processes, such as the common market of the South (Mercosur) and the Bolivarian alternative for the Americas (Alba). MERCOSUR is a trade bloc that promotes the free exchange of goods, people and services.

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela are parties (the main economic axes). Although Mercosur has not entered into force for lack of ratification by the parliaments of States parties, it is a firm regional consolidation attempt. Likewise, Alba puts emphasis on the fight against poverty and social exclusion, using doctrines of left to reach this goal. Collaborations and strategic alliances in the political, economic and social sector are achieved. At the international level, they have great challenges and opportunities. To be exporters of raw materials, mainly oil and gas, currently suffering from low world commodity prices. This will hinder its public spending to stimulate their economies during the current crisis. However, also looms a new diplomatic era between the United States and the region with the entry of Barack Obama to the American Government.

This regional phenomenon is a response to aggressions perceived by international agencies. Mistrust of the United States is the factor that binds these four Nations. Therefore, it will be important to analyze the development of this block, as they seem to consolidate its approaches part of Latin America.

Benefits Blocks

Posted by on Tuesday, 16 April, 2013

System constructive Modublock is responsible for providing all the material for the walls of your project including: blocks, reinforcing rods, armor and hooks for models that characterize the system. The new construction system of prefabricated trusses and modular blocks, consists of 3 types of blocks to build based on integral masonry, with the purpose of eliminating 100% waste of block, we have variety of models of available houses and we adapt to your own design. The Modublock system includes 3 types of modular blocks, the reinforcement of Foundation and beam Crown armed and ready to place (in lengths of 6 metres), the hooks for the recesses, the vertical and horizontal steel cut and bent; also include a drawing of workshop showing the details of the system and a graphical specification of how the rods and blocks should be placed. Modublock designed under the seismic code of Costa Rica and the ACI 530-05 and you can find more information from Modublock, as well as some designs of houses prefabricated in Costa Rica. Benefits savings formwork.

Labor. Easy to budget. Reinforcement rod. Construction time. Without waste in block and 30% in particular of filler rod. Virtues do not appear vertical cracks since the blocks are overlapped. Suitable to build 2 or 3 levels.

Rafael Franco Delegate Of Mundofranquicia Consulting In Andalusia

Posted by on Friday, 5 April, 2013

Grow to help grow the franchise, and this time in Andalusia. That’s what just made mundoFranquicia consulting, Spanish laconsultora (http.// which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary by adding to its network of offices a new delegation in Seville and for which has put his forehead to Rafael Franco. With this new mundoFranquicia step consulting will contribute to the development of the franchise in Andalusia.Bearing in mind that Andalusia is the fourth autonomous community with more weight in the sector of the franchise from throughout Spain and that this business formula will continue to consolidate even more, we wanted to put our grain to move this process forward. Therefore we have opened a new Office in Seville from which we will come closer to franchisees and franchisors of all this geographic area wishing to count with advanced and professional consulting services such as that they offer from ten years ago. Rafael’s extensive experience in the field of the franchise will undoubtedly enhance our service capability in the area., says Mariano Alonso, its Director General. So things, Rafael Franco, the new director of the Andalusian headquarters, is responsible for promoting the signing between the companies and entrepreneurs Andalusians services. We will continue implementing the formula that has served us so well in other places, that another task is not use of best practices consulting and continuous innovations and business and training initiatives that enrich and disclosed to the franchise.

Moreover, the social responsibility that we have with the difficult economic situation facing Spain and Andalusia, being firmly convinced that the mundoFranquicia consulting team will be at the height of the demand of the companies in this region, offering imaginative solutions to the current problems and pretending the utmost rigour, professionalism and independence in our advice and consultancy workAdds the director of the new Office. Rafael Franco holds a degree in business sciences (E.T.E.A. company of) Jesus – Cordoba) as well as M.B.A by the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. Also has extensive experience as a consultant since throughout its business and professional career he has advised more than 100 entrepreneurs franchising activities and hundreds of investors to operate as franchisees of various flags. Finally point out that with this opening in Seville mundoFranquicia consulting makes to grow its network of offices. And it is the renowned consulting firm is already present directly in Madrid, Vigo, Valladolid, Pamplona, Zaragoza and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and many other Spanish cities through agreements and alliances with third parties.