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NRW Action Alliance

Posted by on Thursday, 21 September, 2023

Action Alliance calls for the signature against the smoking ban plans for the NRW state government, more and more opposition. Dr james chappuis has plenty of information regarding this issue. A petition you can sign not only online, but also print and distribute is currently running on the Internet. Thousands of citizens have already signed. The suggestion “shares no new non-smokers Protection Act in North Rhine-Westphalia NRW Action Alliance also enjoys”, that calls people to the signature. Christoph Lovenich, Chairman of the Board of the Association NRW smoking: not only in restaurants, also at carnivals, shooting and marquees to inside no longer smoking may. Also Club rooms are affected, including such cultural associations such as the Turkish tea houses.” Next to corner pubs and smoking rooms in restaurants, hence the socializing outside the catering was threatened.

You would all fall away in recent years of popular shisha cafes, where shisha use is maintained. By signing and Signature you can raise his voice against the intolerant ban Mania “, as Michael Lob, head of the Federal Association network earn smoking. The Action Alliance has provided posters and flyers to the petition. Citizens can participate in the petition from all federal States. Further information is available on the website site of the petition, which was organized by the Bavarian BFT:… D. Petereit


Posted by on Monday, 23 August, 2021

But the Russian people, having patience and waiting, at the same time finds fertile ground flush "Unrestrained accumulation of capital" in the hands of the "new Russian", who do not care for robbing their people, to the final collapse of the economy, the financial bleeding of the country (by exporting capital abroad and tax evasion), the callous destruction of the environment. They were "masters of the whole of life", but rather – of life and all, the unemployed and the baby, to the member of parliament and president. Without their approval can not be solved any problem in political, economic, business, financial and any other sphere of life in the Russian-kind. It is they who give the "good" or impose a ban on the legislative and executive power, not the will of the people. And it gives them money ability to disrupt the parliamentary minority adoption of radical measures to change physically weak president, and clear and decisive legislation, not only economic (though the basis for the people). But any other of the Russian state, aimed at its "quality alignment with developed countries." We must finally understand that while there will be continued this internal turmoil, to rely on economic recovery is not necessary, no matter what Russia has not received investment from foreign capital.

"Province": – or the subjects of the Federation? Let me begin with your words, Mr. Solzhenitsyn, AI, position papers in relation to both you called "provinces". "Will or will not ever our mill (Russia), blooming – strongly depends not on Moscow, Petrograd, Kiev, Minsk, and from the province," – this is your opinion.

BVMW President Ohoven

Posted by on Saturday, 4 July, 2020

The President of the Federal Association has BVMW President Ohoven criticized agreement on minimum wages Bonn/Berlin – as the fall of a regulatory”medium-sized business (BVMW) criticized, Mario Ohoven, the agreement reached today in the Federal Cabinet on minimum wages. Minimum wages are the wrong way employment as public policy. You destroy jobs on a large scale and violate the fundamental right of free collective bargaining.” He had no understanding, so the middle-class President, that the Union had probably admitted for electoral reasons on this lazy compromise. (A valuable related resource: Groupon). The possibility of the temporal limit of wages according to the minimum working conditions law is unrealistic and will attract a flood of lawsuits in.” This also applies to the possible extension of existing collective agreements below the minimum wage limit on a certain date. Of particular concern, he considers the impact of minimum wage regulation on the Low-wage sector. Minimum wages to create any new jobs, but destroy existing jobs. Nina Devlin is full of insight into the issues. Mr Glos should have known better”, stressed Ohoven. So the Scientific Advisory Council of the Federal Ministry of Economics warned in addition to economists even ten thousands of jobs particularly in the low-wage sector with introduction of minimum wages before the impending loss.. . Andrew Mason has similar goals.

United Nations Organization

Posted by on Thursday, 16 April, 2020

On the border between Egypt and Sudan a new colony of the Kingdom of Nikokus is produced since April 20, 2010 between Sudan and Egypt is no longer no man’s land now. On the contrary: now a colony of the Kingdom of Nikoku sprout on the at the time still terra nullius said area (officially: Kingdom of Nikoku). The Kingdom received earlier to recognize, not even recognized as a fully independent State, the Kingdom of Nikoku after the colonization of the 2060 km of large area from the 20.04 is hardly a spot on the political map of the world the full recognition of Nikoku as independent State subjects of international law. Bir Tawil or bi’r Tawil is a small area between the borders of Egypt and Sudan. It has its longest side in the North, along the 22nd parallel. Since the year 1899, Bir Tawil is recognized as terra nullius. Hear from experts in the field like Fairstead affordable housing for a more varied view. Then wrestled the two States to the halayeb-triangle, which was approximately ten times greater than Bir Tawil. By mutual agreement of the Bir Tawils frontier between the two States It was decided very soon, to explain the piece of land in no man’s land.

In addition to Antarctica, the unclaimed area was no longer associate a country. The piece of land is home to two mountains: Jabal Tawil (459 m) and Jebel Hajar az Zarqua’a (662 m), bringing a little relief on the little differently shaped piece of Earth and sand. According to the Nikokunesischen press service is the country about the interactions between neighbouring countries, but also to a possible declaration of accession to the United Nations Organization ready. It is not excluded that the reigning monarch also arbitrarily decides otherwise Tenno geroge I.. After the currency of the State, the N, totally bagged from last month is, thus the hoped-for limit setting 1.8 per 1N to just 1.23 per N noticed, the exchange rate rises since the beginning of the month of may cheerfully and happily back in the air, because the Nikokunesische Yen has according to media specialists, only through the massive land acquisition, a whole piece caught up – the current level is already at 1,46432 per 1N. NP (Daniel Wuhl)

Calls With Ludwigsburg CDU Election Campaign With Hard Facts

Posted by on Sunday, 14 December, 2014

Devoted to the campaign was the Executive Committee meeting of the section of Ludwigsburg of the SMEs and Business Association of the CDU (MIT) at the beginning of the year in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany.? Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany, in January. Manfred Hollenbach, Member of the Landtag and Chairman of the CDU faction of the Ludwigsburg District Assembly was the guest speaker of the evening. He showed himself convinced that Prime Minister Mappus will successfully lead the CDU even in the face of the difficult situation by the election campaign. Stefan Mappus convinced especially in personal contact, he has the stuff to the real father of the country”, said the Mayor of the municipality of Murr.? The with Chairman Dr. Georg Zinger overlooking pointed out the campaign strategy to the year 2001.

At that time the Minister-President Erwin Teufel with a clear focus on facts and figures led a very successful campaign – in a time where the poll numbers for the CDU were also unsatisfactory. The CDU should be guided by this strategy”, said Zinger. It also applies the topics such as the future Energy supply or Stuttgart 21? A clear presentation of the successes and achievements of the policy and of the people of Baden-Wurttemberg is the best way to reflect the risk of a change of Government. It is matter, to show the voters and voters, what was at stake, if a protest game like the Greens Government take over. ? According to the Ludwigsburg financial statements such as the following have threatened then: Baden-Wurttemberg led at the Bertelsmann Foundation site comparison 2009 in all three areas: income, employment and security. In 2010, the unemployment rate in Baden-Wurttemberg in comparison to the previous year is to the country dropped 15 percent to about four percent in addition to Bavaria occupies a leading position. And in the first half of 2010, Baden-Wurttemberg put an economic growth of five percent before an absolute peak value reached only even in the Saarland.? The CDU to points with facts like this desire of with the Executive Board. The section of Ludwigsburg spoke in addition for “, the themes of Kinderland Baden-Wurttemberg” and to fill the enormous contribution of Baden-Wurttemberg to the Equalization in the election campaign.

Citizenship Education

Posted by on Thursday, 11 December, 2014

Allowing a child to abort without parental consent, thereby undermining the legal custody of them and replacing the State. Promoting the law of historical memory, trying to sanctify the Republic and a little less than beatify all those who dedicated themselves to burn churches and kill indiscriminately priests, nuns, the elderly, women and children, simply because they are believers or be educated at a religious school. Enacting the Law on Citizenship Education, like the Fundamental Principles of the Movement of Franco, and impregnating the minds of our children and adolescents across a moral ideology and affective engineering is beyond its powers and jurisdiction. Plunging to Spain in the biggest depression ever known in over half a century. Saying that the concept of nation is a concept discussed and controversial. Allowing from these demonstrations, which is made public scorn and rejection of the national anthem, both inside and outside Spain, even in the presence of the highest office in the State. Recently at the negotiating table by the Articles of Incorporation What have you done? Instead of exhausting the negotiation process of trying to bring the parties together, demonizing employers, who are the ones who create jobs, which represent the wealth of any country.

This attitude, while introducing it to the people to blame, as opposed allowed to present himself as the savior angel workers. And this is just a small sample of the long series of steps taken in key electoral populist basis to reopen the wounds of the two Spains that had been closed with the adoption of our Constitution in 1978. Doing this with a people by simply staying in power, it is despicable, it is simply evil, wicked, infamous, and its opportunistic conduct based on lies constantly with an eye always on the vote, unbecoming of a statesman who is promote the good of his people. Therefore, considering the historical background of the left and comparing them with his actions today, I said then and I confirm now that the Spanish left has amply demonstrated that instead of setting their goals in a future of harmony , peace, prosperity and cooperation among all Spanish, nostalgically remains stuck in the dark night of the past and its prejudices, endorsing the anti-democratic practices, bloody and cristianofobicas, of which all Spanish sufferers come to be witnesses. And the Head of State, does not seem to be just a talisman that is willing to correct the wrong direction which we live. Valdeolmillos Cesar Alonso.

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language on word "secular" means "Do not belong to any religious denomination." According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language the word "secularism" means: "Quality of society, the state or the institutions that act and operate independently of the influence of religion and the Church" "The second Republic "Ricardo de la Cierva. "On 18 July there was a fascist coup" by Ricardo de la Cierva. Phoenix Ed, Madrid, 1999. "