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Federal Policy Dignity

Posted by on Sunday, 26 August, 2012

The example that now can be followed is a light in the advent of justice in favor of the native land. The episode of the governor of the Federal District, unhappyly, is not newness in our country, but she is necessary that the people has voice and practical time in the judicial one. Justice is protected to all, mainly, when the problem reflects directly in the social life. Being thus, the attitude of the OAB places the people in evidence in the fight for the national dignity. The attitude of the OAB and the militancies that conduct the right in Brazil, ahead of the evidenced ethical degradation in the episodes of the government of the Federal District, translates the importance of a professional corporation in the duty to protect and to define the routes politicians of a nation. Of this form, the entities that watch over for the good of the civil society, without a doubt, are indispensable instruments for the institution of democratic societies, so that they become with that the administrative machine can be moved of more agile form.

Many of the classroom institutions that represent the civil society organized, do not obtain to eliminate the paper of the social organizations that are capable of astronomical mobilizations for the confrontation of questions concerning facts as of corruption them governments and or of threats to the social rights. The people has dignity and needs people who see this dignity of sufficiently transparent form so that citizenship is protected of males that they can be provoked by managers without social commitments. That the example left for the OAB is followed by other entities and organizations, so that, not only the dignity, but the rights of the people are assured. The moment, now, is to present for the population that the impostures practised for the public personalities are punished with severity and that the arrest of the governor of the Federal District, is not object of maneuvers to soften future dirts. She is necessary to believe Federal Policy e, mainly, in the Brazilian justice that, certainly, can delay, but never to lack.

National University

Posted by on Thursday, 23 August, 2012

The educational personnel, of security and monitoring will have the responsibility to make fulfill the established thing with the present code according to the following procedure: a. To the students and the administrative personnel. Stated lack, will ask for to the presumed violator its identity card to him must have that it with himself, This document will be sent to the pertinent authority so that it describes the case. Yes it would give rise to sanction will be applied the established thing to the norms. 11. Lack for the educational, administrative personnel and pupils generally are considered the following: Not to carry identity card (Fotocheck), to commit acts of indiscipline or lack of respect during the civic acts.

To commit acts that attempt against the moral. By illicit appropriation. To cause damages that attempt with the patrimony and conservation of the infrastructure of the National University of PiurOtros. The sanctions are applied to the educational, administrative personnel and pupils according to the Regulation of the National University of Piura and to the Law of the Labor Regime to which we belong. For the qualification and application of the present Code of University Ethics, for the administrative case of personnel the sanctions will be executed by the Central office of Administration of Personnel and for the case of educational and students a Court of Honor will form; the same that will be conformed: By the Dean, and/or by represents whom it.

Five Essential Qualities

Posted by on Wednesday, 15 August, 2012

Generally two types of people exist, those that always want to be to position or the control of the things, and that always assumes the responsibility of their actions; and on the other hand we have to those who are a little timid, that are obstinate to forge their own way, and that are happy living to behind the multitude. Those people whom they do not like to be mere passengers of a boat and to let itself take by others to unknown destinies, are the type of people who are destined to excel in a business based on the home, as the programs of affiliates. Even if these people do not own the five characteristics already to become great a successful one in the programs of affiliates, are predisposed to being able to acquire these characteristics with greater facility than the rest. They have desire to maneuver their own ship and of being able to take it towards where they want. To be on board its own ship can take that them towards the success of its lives, is something and so each of them dreams, and still more knowing that they count and so is needed to be able to obtain it.

Perhaps this is the reason by which but and but people they are resorting to one of the most popular forms to make money in Internet, the programs of affiliates. It is because in this type of businesses there are no heads with whip in hand giving orders to all the employees. There are no terms that to fulfill nor rumas of work that to finish at the end of the day. In order to be successful in the programs of affiliates, it only must count on the necessary tools. It has what needs to be successful in the Programs of Affiliates? Characteristic what must have one within itself, to be able to carry out a good work within the programs of affiliates? Within the industry of the programs of affiliates much competition exists, and to manage to obtain an important place within the same, you needed to be equipped with the correct things.

Asturias Kingdom

Posted by on Thursday, 9 August, 2012

Lanois Doval offers its experience in the real estate market of high level Lanois Doval has developed during last the 20 years, services advanced in these segments of market, designing commercial strategies and of communication, focused to catch the greater number of buyers or renters, as much at national level as international. Their deep knowledge of the real estate market of high level and its experience in the management of exclusive real estate assets and investments, have allowed them to exclusively on sale implant a plan of expansion in all the national territory based on a platform of dedicated communication of properties of prestige, investments and sale of companies. Considering the objective of this company, singular properties can be enters their real estate assets; from property for sale, satately houses for sale and palaces for sale, for the particular use or as businesses in rise, to great variety of hotels for sale, rural companies for sale in all the national territory and houses for sale, that also can to be of particular use. Although every day more Spanish exclusive and different projects choose to look for their sustenance developing that not only they contribute to a labor stability but also a style to them of life of maximum quality. As it shows of his properties of prestige we found that at the moment it is sold palace and hotel with enchantment in Asturias. This exceptional enclosure walled with several constructions in its interior, constitutes an architectonic set of great value and a good sample of satately house or large house. Located in unique surroundings, moved away of the civilization, although only to 40 km of the capital of the Principality.


Posted by on Monday, 6 August, 2012

Very interesting when it is indicated, that the incapacity to show alternatives of valid and shared solutions enters the actors those who affects this reality, derives in mainly from the ignorance generalized on the socio-economic and political dynamics that operates around the buhonerismo like phenomenon. In the search of solutions to the problems that this phenomenon raises, directions prevail in which each sector, form little organized and acting in favor of its interests, deals with to impose its vision. In parallel and also as a result of the previous thing, the insufficiencies of the local leadership to be satisfied in offerers of solutions and real plaintiffs of action of public policy, through the mechanisms of democratic participation, reinforce the tendency to the survival of such social problems. is the urgent necessity to clear the veil that hides the dynamics of the interaction government retailers informal-retailers formal-neighbors, that as exists today, it tends to reinforce the nonpredominance of the property rights and the exercise of the law. The relations clientelares, the bribe, the auction by the political support predominate. A proposal of public policies must start off of a conceptual approach of the own actors for the dynamics in which they are involved, that allows to give a solution alternative.

For it he is indispensable to harness the human capital of the informal retailers and to vindicate the paper and importance of the dialogue in the conflict resolution. The government of president Chvez must be identified but with this serious problem and look for the alternatives that allow to generate use, to contribute aid to him to the small companies, to the entrepreneurs who now transform their activities of business in companies that favors to him in the plans of government with respect to product commercialization, but with the new policy of foreign trade that this pronouncing itself with alliances with countries that represent great economic and commercial activities world-wide level. Tmese in it counts, that the informal economy is not more than the symptom of a chronic disease of the legal system, political, social and economic of the country, since Venezuela has before himself an enormous hill that to overcome, as the present condition of an informal country of economy in one is to have with formal use under a healthy and productive economy; because the informal economy is a global phenomenon that certainly have been breath and economic lightening for the Venezuelans who have been themselves forced to develop besides the legally constituted institutions and the financial market.