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Posted by on Tuesday, 27 October, 2020

We take more drugs so from now on, work longer and more intense, train longer and more often, or find ourselves gewissermassen trapped in ever-lengthening and lingering time ABschnitten in the dream land of imagination, the Internet or television. In the first time, applied replacement fabric also acts as was previously required. In the form that we disconnect us by application of the same by our emotional contact our neediness and us thus the whole process of the VerdranGung, appears as a solution as being caused by pain and suffering. In the course of the development of addiction, which is now accompanied by a constantly anwachsendes suffering arises the need for strong and not much later, the urgent need for change. Many writers such as Vadim Belyaev, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. And already this change only with the actual Troubleshooting the UrsChe to achieve what in this case as a solution just yet not apply, which includes not take the unconditional renunciation of the substitute.

In the natural”addiction history are but you can already sagen in a file of the creative creation” sought constantly for other ways of change, because the obviousness of the renunciation having due to increasing dulling of Sensibilitat as not real is considered relevant. The change consists in General especially in vary, replacing the type of addiction and in controlling the amount and frequency of use. Here is clearly to realize that although the urgency and efforts to change is not to deny, but in no way the cause of all is changed. But only a Manipulieren of symptoms and thus influence the cause is invited by changing the effect. This test is similar to a competitor who starts the race at the finish and start direction runs without wanting to see, that this is unacceptable and keinesfalls leads to the desired destination. Instead of the addiction as such to look at and than to admit State, is attempting by affecting the addict behavior almost backwards a positive influence on the addiction, which is cause to take.


Posted by on Friday, 16 October, 2020

some crowdsourcing companies Spam orders for customers who want more clicks on YouTube or send promotional messages through Facebook. What is about? Wolfgang Kitza: Such actions are frivolous and even illegal. We know that some of our competitors still fulfil such orders. I find it very unfortunate, because this type of use of crowdsourcing the whole principle gives a negative reputation. pay attention very closely to the description of the requested orders. We accept spam orders, but also other types of dubious projects.” 4. the principle of crowdsourcing is now on everyone’s lips.

But why should users log on as Clickworkers? Wolfgang Kitza: when the crowdsourcing is set on the intelligence and labor of a mass of recreation workers. This principle works exclusively online, because only such a large amount of orders on so many people can be distributed at the same time. Some people think that almost only students and housewives are working, but this is simply wrong. Of course, there are many students who want to earn money is in addition to the studies, but also women in the maternity protection, world travelers, second jobbers or academics in the retirement age romp about with us. The Clickworkers can earn money with grosstmoglicher temporal and spatial independence. Each Clickworkers can freely choose his jobs, according to the own qualifications, and work on a freelance basis. The jobs are fun and not a few of them are quite demanding and train their own abilities.

5. How do I get to the Clickworkers? Wolfgang Kitza: Clickworkers are easy. You must be minimum 18 years of age and have a PC with Internet connection. Then you go already. To register, as other companies also, on our website, each makes a small qualification for the desired task panes and can then see the unlocked jobs after the other of choosing one and edit.