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24 HELP the Social Day by manpower in Brandenburg active Frankfurt am Main, September 28, 2010. Clambering through the air glide and physical challenges so many disabled people can do something only if they are accompanied. Only: For such an extraordinary actions, often lack the time. 20 employees by manpower Berlin-Brandenburg have moved their jobs to the Adventure Park in Potsdam, Germany on Thursday, September 23, 2010. In the context of 24 HELP the Social Day manpower accompanied persons with disabilities by the Lebenshilfe Berlin during a trip and gave them an experience that would otherwise not be possible. Meeting together with non-disabled people is always a valuable and important experience, which also of course the reverse is true. Joint activities contribute to overcome human distance, and raise awareness of other worlds”, as Tanja wale of the life assistance Berlin. Read additional details here: cornell capital. And a tour that gives such special experiences, where the “Self-esteem rises, because you did something extraordinary, is not an everyday just for our users.” we have learned from each other “we can conclude that after this day.

Together serious obstacles to have confidence to themselves and others, to look back with pride at what has been achieved, it was all the core message of the day for us. The engagement day is part of the company-wide manpower initiative 24 HELP staff teams in the community are active at. The 20 colleagues sit in various departments and subsidiaries of manpower in whole Germany and met partially only by phone or E-Mail. The smoother and better you cooperate in everyday life, it is better for the customers by manpower. We train from time to time and connect these training for several years with social commitment: we all do something meaningful together instead of making dry runs a seminar room, and get us in a completely different situation meet in person. This is incredibly important for the cooperation and the formation of a good team! “, so Gabriele Lemke, regional development manager for manpower in Berlin-Brandenburg.” The company provides not only a full day of work for all 20 employees, but financed also the meals the whole tour group.

After several application training for unemployed young people and three 24-HELP missions, where the teams in facilities for children have built and renovated, the trip was realized using the life of Berlin. The idea has youth and economic Gabriele Lemke at the round table”developed. The round table is a platform of Brandenburg companies that design new engagement initiatives here since 2003 and implement. It aims to stimulate new collaborations between industry and communities, and to show how easy getting into a commitment that improves the chances of young people and the environmental conditions of enterprises, is possible with concrete projects. Manpower is one of the leading recruitment agency in the world. The Company maintains a network of 4,000 offices in 82 countries. Nine subsidiary companies, joint ventures and units operate under the umbrella of manpower Germany. In Germany, the company operates over 200 branches and employs 16,800 time workers involved in client companies.

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