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Successful Cash Flow Business

Posted by on Tuesday, 22 January, 2013

What is that moving to a business? The answer is money. Without the constant input of flow it is impossible that there is growth. A business by more innovative that is and has as base a successful proposal but account with enough cash to generate operations will stop and will come the inevitable: closing. What’s more convenient at times where the business does not generate? The most reliable solution is the forecast. Why wait for it come times of lack? You must plan, budget and project needs to deal with these periods. The key is that small business owners are attentive to their numbers, to the way in which they are responding month after month. Establish fixed expenses and variable, count with sufficient organization for not being unprepared when making payments extras or earrings. Irreparably if no forecast will happen that money will be scarce and business will go straight to bankruptcy.

What is the formula of? the prevention? The flow of money to the inside of the company can be controlled through a budget for cash flow that should always be active. It consists of a simple process that allows to predict the capacity of business to generate more revenue than expenses. If you have good control over entries and exits of money will get:-better management of money and higher profitability of the enterprise – Control of receivables owed by customers – compliance with payments to suppliers – have enough flow to produce business owners must be attentive to your sales plan. The information will enable them to know how much will spend, if more employees, vendor payments, as well as the administration costs of the business will require. Do you control your cash flow?

Profitable Business

Posted by on Friday, 18 January, 2013

Effective leadership is the first step for who want to mount a business as well as make it a profitable business. There are indicators that normally can help us to determine if we have some difficulty in this aspect. Sometimes the problem lies in not able to achieve effective relationships that are kept at the time, a fundamental point to achieve long term clients. It may happen that when trying to transmit to others a business proposal fits the feeling of not having been able to reach the other person, have not been realized. Perhaps you feel that you cannot persuade people as I would like.

It can also happen that it is exercising a leadership role but feel it lacks force. Whatever the symptom or indicator, the answer lies in achieving effective communication. Several studies have shown that the greatest difficulty sellers lies in the ability to listen effectively. It was noted that each person hears only 50% of the information received. It means that when information is passed from one person to another will be progressively lose up to be totally alien to the original content.

This is because promptly to a lack of training for listening. We have been better trained to read and write; While 75% of our daily activities are based on speaking and listening while only 25% of these activities are based on reading and writing. It is a true alert if we think that selling is basically an exchange of information to be given in two respects in one direction. Without a doubt, listening is an art, that only 5% of the sellers know use in effective negotiation process. When a person is actively listened on the other, he goes into a comfort zone that allows you to understand the person who hears it and cooperate with it. Listening is not something easy to achieve, but do not bring direct consequences.

UMBANDA Religion

Posted by on Tuesday, 1 January, 2013

Many had arrived next to part of the knowledge of ‘ ‘ UM’ ‘ others had passed far to the true intention of ‘ ‘ UM’ ‘ but all had undeniably been strengthenn to give to its contribution the religion. The Umbanda if firm as a charismatic, tolerant, loving religion and as a mother divine always made use to receive us, therefore the deities of God, Sacred the Orixs, know that we are divine flashes and as a shoal of fish that if lost of its group, we are wanting to return to our Genitor The holy ghost, but to return already awaken in conscience to be a part of the exteriorizao of it and represents it with faith love and life. The Umbanda, It yes victim of as many preconceptions of its sisters who are the flowing religions Christian and of it, follows a bigger order of the Christ Jesus who is ‘ ‘ You love you ones to the others as I you amei’ ‘. But the Umbanda in front follows growing and if multiplying, and follows walking with slow, but firm steps as of Black color-Old that exactly suffering to the captive and the preconception, ahead followed pardoning and perseverando with its immense tolerance, wisdom, faith, love and resignation. The Umbanda is of what I can synthecize in a paper, is not much more that all the preconception that it suffers, and as religion It has the basic one that it is the respect for all the forms of cultuar the God. That they come all, therefore Religion of Umbanda this opening to that they want to find of natural form the link of its lost chain.