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Similar to Christianity, reincarnation is not recognized as official doctrine, but appears within the Kabbalah. In the Zohar (ii, 99b) Kabbalah reads: All souls are subject to transmigration, and men who do not know the ways of the Lord, who are blessed, they do not know they are being brought before the court, both when entering this world as if emerging from it. They are ignorant of many transmigraciones and secret evidence that should happen.

New York Post columnist is a vocal fan of “With the Kabbalah, you learn how to ‘light …
New York Post
WHOEVER said that money can not buy happiness never bought into Kabbalah . I’m in the on the East Side for a free introductory course – a value of $ 100! – With Zohar 15 fellow seekers, ages 20 to 50, all desperately looking for the sense of life from … [ NT]


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