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Safe Class

Posted by on Sunday, 12 February, 2012

You should always remember that no safe does not guarantee full protection against hacking. It is only one element of a common security system, which should include the physical protection of the object presence alarm and access control system. The objective is to provide safe protection time to react and take withstand prolonged and intense fire conditions. The most expensive of this type of safe stand 4 hours, and this time is the maximum possible. Therefore, the most widely used safe with fire-resistance rating of 1 or 2 hours. Only safe, having a certificate for fire resistance, may provide protection against fire. Fireproof safes are made of materials having low thermal conductivity. Interwalled space filled refractory concrete, which also has low thermal conductivity.

However, the attacker will not stop this concrete, and the locks are usually used is not very complicated, so access to the safe must be protected carefully. Keep in mind that this class of safe high vzlomozaschitnye properties are not required – they must protect the contents from the ravages of fire, namely, high temperatures, smoke and humidity. The degree of fire resistance of safes defined six classes, a figure in their title stands for fire resistance in minutes, and the letter identifies a storage object (eg, 120B). Safe Class "B" is intended to protect the market, internal temperature rises above 170 C (temperature of spontaneous combustion of paper) even if all around there is a flame. The safe class "D" to store magnetic tapes and video tapes (the threshold temperature – 70 C), the class of "DIS" is designed to magnetic media, floppy disks and CD-ROM drive (internal temperature not exceeding 50 C, and the outside – 1090 C). In the designation of fire resistance class also includes the time, in minutes, during which ensures safe appropriate degree of these properties. This is usually 60 or 120 minutes.

How is ascertained as safe? The only way – to require a certificate confirming the above properties. On the inside of the door must also be established label that bears an indelible way information about the class of fire-resistant safe. It is assigned on the basis of ongoing trials: the safe heating temperature schedule of fire, falling from a safe conditional on the height of the concrete pad (simulation of the collapse of the overlap); reheating, heat stroke, where the safe is heated rapidly, and then sprayed with water (simulated fire fighting). You should also know that sometimes it is enough only proof safes (if qualitative) that can contain a fire for 30-40 minutes, this time enough for an emergency evacuation. Hybrid boxes UHL-MASH has been certified as a Burglar, and the fire, they are rare and expensive type of safes. But consider that in a constructive manner to ensure burglary and fire reached opposite ways. The most popular combination is the I Class 60B burglary and fire. If you are still at a loss and can not determine what type of safe for you the most relevant, do not worry. You can find a "hybrid" models, combining high performance and to protect against hacking, and fire resistance. The only question in finance – "hybrids" will cost you considerably more expensive than the "highly specialized", but by acquiring a safe, you'll sleep much calmer. Safes should be chosen depending on what needs special safety and the risks that potentially threaten your values. Purpose and clever use of safe depends on its physical parameters, confirmed by a relevant certificate.

Department of Civil Aviation

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 February, 2012

This flight event with water treatments occurred in the late 70s. Told him about one of the instructors of the Training Detachment (UTO-15) East-Siberian Department of Civil Aviation in 1981, the Mi-8 crew worked on "Lesaviaohranu." "Lesaviaohrana" because of the planned socialist economy financed air patrols since May, when the taiga burned over large areas and to extinguish it was already useless. By mid-summer fires a self-stopped, but the flying hours and aircraft fuel had planned to spend. Thus, the Irkutsk region. July.

The climate is very, very sharp-continental. Heat. Air patrols. On board, apart from the crew toiled in the air for over an hour more and four firefighters, paratroopers. All in semiconscious state. Sweat flowing river. I want to chill.

And somehow it all together decided to combine patrols with rest and water cooling. Filed the idea of commander. He found a smaller lake from the air. For everywhere in those regions under maryami permafrost, and even in July, not all the lakes warm. Favored by the lake was about 300 meters in diameter. There was nowhere to sit down on the banks of the solid- was complete. In the spray along the edges of the air bag is a rainbow. The commander of the second, "Sanya, hold a pen … Swim after me … Do not forget-five minutes to communicate with the Control, 'and in the water. .. Sanya-all on the mind. Released on bond, saying board so and so, working in the square such-and-all on board, and a link in an hour. Rattled off and took off the headset. He sat in his chair. The autopilot works well. Arrow altimeter RV-3 is almost frozen at 1 meter. Zharyn. Pen control itself, and keep themselves do not seem to be. Sanya has decided to prepare for bathing. Rose. Cautiously swung. Changing the alignment of the autopilot worked fine.