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By August 1909, north of Mexico was affected by a series of torrential rains that caused serious disasters in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Le n, seriously affecting the population, why in Mexico City a group of women philanthropists, headed by Ms. Luz Lopez Gonzalez Cosio, left due to the devastated city of Monterrey carrying food and humanitarian aid, was how it was the first brigade of the Mexican Red Cross. Since then Ms. Luz Gonzalez started hard work that came to bear fruit when the General Porfirio Diaz issued the decree No. 401 dated February 21, 1910, by which formally recognizes the establishment of the Mexican Red Cross. For this is that Luz Lopez Gonzalez Cosio is considered the founder of this organization. In February 2010 the Mexican Red Cross 100. The Mexican Red Cross Deaf Studies Delegation San Luis Potosi.and two years later began studying emergency medical technician Mexican Red Cross. Deaf volunteers to accompany seniors with Mtz Paola Rossi. and Luis Signed. Esquerra, supporting deaf patients who are admitted to the hospital, thereby supporting the interpretation of sign language. In the Deaf Community, as the founder of this organization Mexican Sign Language is central to the cohesion of the group, although this does not imply that only Deaf people is made up: it also involved a person who feels an affinity for this group and respect their worldview. The Sign Language, as spoken languages are part of the linguistic diversity of human beings.

Laura Garcia Rivera (case FARMALIN)

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As in all organizations, FARMALIN has a supply chain that includes all activities and logistics that are made in it. Thus, activities that are repeated along the flow channel, obtained from raw materials to make drugs that are developed as follows: First, FARMALIN makes a supply logistics, as it has with foreign suppliers, since not only make their products with Colombian materials, but also with imported materials have different characteristics and properties. In addition, the same company produces primary supplies for the manufacture of their medicines. The department of planning and buying is responsible for concrete suppliers. The imported raw material is transported by sea and then stored in the warehouse of raw materials.Second, the company conducts internal logistics begins with the transformation of raw materials in vitamins, pills for headaches, muscle aches, gastritis, diabetes, antibiotics, birth control, infant milk and other specialized drugs. Before the manufacture of products, there are two departments that are involved in the marketing, sales and finance, which are vital to the production estimate of the company. Finally, the company operates a distribution logistics, so that the finished products are distributed by major market channels of distribution of medicines, ie, hospitals and private clinics and public sector, distributors and large chain drugstores. Despite this structure as complete supply chain, FARMALIN, presents many problems during its course of how it is put into play the effectiveness of business processes and thereby maximizing benefits for her.In my opinion, this company has two fundamental problems that prevent him from properly handle the sales forecast information to be as accurate as possible. The first is the lack of effective communication between different units of the company and, consequently, the second, disruption of the activities included in the supply chain. The case shows these shortcomings through certain specific problems that obstruct the mission of the direction of the supply chain. These issues are described below: The company must make a delivery of 3500 units of Vitamin 1, to comply with the contract 310 and avoid a fine of 200 million pesos. The problem is that the amount is equivalent to 3 months of sales and therefore there will be an inventory of Vitamin two months, reducing the level of service. Furthermore, bringing the product to comply with the order quantity, increased transportation costs.There was no coordination between imported product planning and account executive who did not inform the planner of his contract. 300,000 Mejor n product that claimed to be extra sales of the month, the market will not by quality problems, which involve estimates of future load, affecting the level of inventories and the rotation of the line. There was no communication between the head of planning and procurement planning and the chief imports. We just closed a deal, which will be sold monthly gauze 200 000 Military Hospital of the Child Jesus. The problem is that the company only has capacity for 70,000. They are in charge of the Product Manager and Business Manager. Finally, the Sales Manager of Medellin, makes a claim about the lack of inventory in their warehouses of Vitamin 2.This is because in Bogot do not yet have information about the new business with the Clinic of Antioquia and therefore the goods has never been moved to there.

This is a

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This is a restaurant that was originally inaugurated on London in 1971, and currently in many major international cities, within which is Barcelona. The truth is that the atmosphere of the place is incredible and very modern that play music and decor is very original. In addition, food was also delicious! If you want to know more about the Hard Rock Caf and cities where it is I recommend visiting the following site: Sources: Hard Rock Cafe International (2008). The Hard Rock Cafe Story: A Brief History of a Global Phenomenon.Retrieved on July 4, 2008 in .


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CONSTITUTION OF THE NATION ARGENTINA sanctioned by NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION on March 11, 1949 Preamble Part.Fundamental principles Chapter I Form of government and policy statements Chapter II Rights, obligations and guarantees of personal liberty Chapter III Rights of the worker, the family, old age and education and culture Chapter IV The social function of property, capital and economic activity Part II. Authorities of the Nation First Title. Federal Government Section One. Legislative Power Chapter I of the House of Representatives Chapter II The Senate Chapter III Provisions common to both Houses Chapter IV Powers of Congress Chapter V Making and enactment of laws Section II.Executive Power Chapter I Its nature and duration Chapter II Procedure and time of the election of the president and vice president of the Nation Chapter III Powers of the Executive Chapter IV of the Executive ministers Section Three. The Judiciary Chapter I The nature and duration Chapter II Powers of the Judiciary Second Title Provincial Governments Transitory Provisions Given in the Assembly Hall of the Honorable National Constituent Assembly, in Buenos Aires, on the eleventh day of March one thousand nine hundred forty-nine. Domingo A. Merchant, President Mario M. Goizueta, secretary Bernardino H. Garaguso, secretary Part Fundamental principles Chapter I Form of government and political declarations Art1 – La Naci n Argentina for their government adopts the federal republican representative form, as provided in this Constitution. Section 2 – The Federal Government supports the Roman Catholic Apostolic religion. Article 3 – The authorities in the Federal Government residing in the city to be declared Capital of the Republic by a special act of Congress, after an assignment made by one or more provincial legislatures of the territory to be federalized. Article 4 – The Federal Government provides government spending with funds from the National Treasury, composed of the proceeds of import and export rights, the fundamental economic activity performed, services rendered and sale or lease of goods domain the national state of the other taxes imposed by Congress, and loans and credit transactions Congress to punish the same case of national emergencies or for public utilities. Art5 – Each province shall enact its own constitution under the republican representative system, in accordance with the principles, declarations and guarantees of the National Constitution, ensuring its administration of justice, municipal regime, primary education and cooperation required by the Federal Government to enforce the Constitution and laws of the Nation enacted in pursuance thereof. Under these conditions, the Federal Government guarantees each province the full exercise of its institutions. Art


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It is the comparison made between the book auxiliary bore a bank account and extract the bancoenvia q to the company the movement of each month, in connection with debit and credit notes, checks paid and the daily balances of the account. Proceed to: Extract verify balances, such as ledgers Serevisa counted all the ones in the subsidiary ledger extract.This means that the movement made in the book is registered in the extract In short this is to justify the q differences occur between the balance shown on bank statement with the ledgers. The purpose of conciliation is to perform: To determine differences in the records of operations Correct errors or omissions differences To establish liability for such errors Show the actual balance available to managers and business associates There are several ways of presenting the reconciliation, the most common are: Extract to Books: Of the balance of the extract was determined differences up to balance books Books to Extract: Take the balance in the subsidiary ledger and determiona the difference to get the balance of the extract

Reviews There

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Reviews There has been controversy about the intentions and methods of this film. Some critics say is a film against rape or revenge, but wonder whether or not it was exploiting the issue by featuring such explicit. Film critic Roger Ebert has argued that the structure of the film is inherently moral, because at present the revenge before the acts that inspire it, viewers are forced to digest it first and then to think more deeply about their implications. Although it is a thesis that is unsupported by analyzing one by one the characters and perceive with amazement as the former boyfriend of Alex or Alexandra, named Pierre, appears at the beginning of the film slaughtering the false rapist, when over 90 of the film that we will see, this is portrayed by her boyfriend Marcus and as an intellectual who does a lot of talk and little.Marcus, on the contrary man is stigmatized as sexual and primate face with a runaway performance, sensual and aggressive from the moment they arrive at the party that triggered the events. Thus, Pierre quiet man, paused, not wanting to paint the town, which is not acting violently with a fire extinguisher that destroys the face of false rapist. Others have indicated how the order of the film is used for other purposes along with examining the moral implications of revenge. For example, remove any tension that could lead to development more commonly used, in which the viewer may be worried about whether the players they won or not in their revenge citation needed . The rape scene has been heavily criticized for its harshness and the mixture of violence and sex. However, it should be noted that Noah chose to deliberately keep the camera static during the entire scene with the intent to prevent the attack could have erotic connotations.As with other controversial works, some feel that the argument and are deliberately shocking images to provoke criticism and create free publicity. In New Zealand was not allowed to videotape distribution. Another point of view on the end of the film, is that Noah is constantly seeking to embarrass the viewer. Whether it’s music with a hint of bewilderment, with continuous rotary movements of the camera, with the narration of history upside down, or the origin of its explicit scenes. Many people take this as an offense, or a major drawback of the film, when for others it is simply a narrative form, a different and raw, to tell a mundane reality.

True Prayer, True Power!

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by Charles Haddon Spurgeon At Exeter Hall, Strand, London. “Therefore I tell you all the things you pray and ask, believe that ye received, and you will be granted.” Mark 11: 24 (King James) This verse has something to do with the faith of miracles, but I think it has much more to do with the miracle of faith. Anyway, let’s consider it in that light. I think that this text is the heritage not only of the apostles, but of all those who walk in faith of the apostles, believing in the promises of Jesus Christ. That advice given by Christ to the twelve and his immediate followers, the Word of God repeats it to us on this day. We receive constant grace to obey.”All the things you pray and ask, believe that ye received, and you will be granted.” Many people are complaining because they do not enjoy prayer. Do not neglect it, for they dare not do it, but the neglect if they could dare, as they are very far to find any pleasure in it. And, would not be regretted that the coach sometimes losing its wheels and heavily lead us along our prayers We spent the time scheduled, but we again stand up, without relief, like a man who has been lying in bed, but he has not slept enough to fully recover their strength. When the time comes again to pray, our conscience to kneel again, but we have a sweet communion with God. We do not present our needs with the firm conviction that he will cover them.After muttering once again our usual round of expressions, we stand perhaps more troubled in conscience and most distressed in mind, what we were before. I think there are many Christians who have this complaint: who pray, not so much because it is blessed to be allowed to approach God, but because they must pray, because it is their duty, because they feel that if they did not, they would lose one of the evidences certain of their status as Christians. Brothers, I do not condemn them, but at the same time, if it could be the instrument they are lifted so low that state of grace and bring them to a higher atmosphere and healthy, my soul would enjoy the highest degree.If I could teach them a more excellent way, if they could take to prayer, from now onwards, in his element, as one of the most delightful exercises in their life if they happen to value the food more than necessary, and consider it as a of the greatest luxuries of heaven, would certainly have met a great mission, and you have to give thanks to God for a great blessing. Then, Lend me your attention while I ask, first, to look to the text, and secondly, to look around and then you look above you. I. First, CHECK OUT THE TEXT. If you look carefully, I think they will receive the essential qualities that are necessary so that the sentence be greatly successful and prevalent. According to his description of the prayer our Savior, always has to have some goals that we defined by begging.He speaks of things: “All the things you pray and ask Him.” It seems, then, that he had not the sons of God came to Him in prayer, when they have nothing to pedir.Otro prerequisite of prayer is a longing, for the Master assumed here that when we pray we have desires. Certainly the external or the bare bones would not be a sentence, but only something like a prayer. But it is the living activity, the activity that prevails throughout, powerful activity called prayer, unless there is a fullness and an overflow of desires.