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Tomas Ibanez

Posted by on Monday, 4 May, 2020

Thus, the reality would be built in significant interaction that made human beings and, therefore, moves away from the positivism which is limited to use, as I have mentioned earlier, a methodology based on observation, experimentation, verification, etc. This constructed reality, in a dynamic way, is internalized by individuals through socialization. Enter the historical factor and the interpretative nature of human beings. Language as powerful construction of reality. As he has explained in the debate and according to Tomas Ibanez, the constructionist perspective is one that rejects that the reality is which dictates the speeches about reality and who selects which are suitable. Omar Zakhilwal follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Knowledge is simply relative. Constructionism is to dissolve the dichotomy of subject/object, claiming that none of these two entities exist itself independently of the other, they do not constitute separate entities, questioning the very concept of objectivity.

The constructivism emerges as a critical approach, worried about the predominant scientific determinism does affect knowledge and invites us to the critical reflection, to change our lenses and to look at the world in a completely different way to as it has us taught and breaking characteristics of the institutionalized. What most have highlighted article of Ibanez has been critical argumentation that performs all the prevailing myths as well as your bet risky positioning itself in the most complex part. It offers new perspectives for science, with the recognition of subjectivity. In general, all components of the debate we have positioned ourselves in favour of the constructivism. By way of conclusion, there has been general consensus on all the points raised in the debate. We are immersed in a society that enforces a form of reasoning more Orthodox and rigid, so it is important that each individual will start to put their own lenses.

There is a single truth and a single way of seeing the world. To enable this new approach, the socioconstruccionista movement is perfect because open perspectives and sights broad and critically. The researcher is influenced, necessarily, by their environment, their beliefs, values, attitude, etc. The social fact nor the historical character cannot be denied. Finally, in my opinion, multidisciplinarity is fundamental and not why psychology should ignore or waive variables that are not demonstrable way emipirica just to be equated with other sciences and thus obtain the title of science. Vertices psychologists Cabinet of Madrid: C / Caleruega, 88 Cabinet of Las Rozas de Madrid: Ave.

New Proprietors

Posted by on Sunday, 26 April, 2020

To buy a horse can be a dream made reality, the horses are superb creatures and to be proprietor of one is a true privilege. The horses are animal of herd by nature and as such they need company, like the owner of the horse, you are responsible to offer to his horse the company to him that he or she needs. If he must in his plans maintain to his horse in a rent stable then will not be a preoccupation, but the horse will be only in a stable or in the field, you will have to provide to the horse some type of company as well as much mental, emotional and physical stimulation to him.

The horses in their natural state are animal of pasturing, this means that they pass great part of the day grazing and moving, they are not made to be locked up in a stable; in fact a horse to which the sufficient thing is not exercised to him will develop a variety of health problems and it will not grow with force. It is preparation to every day pass an amount of considerable time exercising to his horse because if it does not do it, its horse could die. If its horse you will pass time in the pastures you must review that there are not poisonous plants like sorghum, stars of the thistle, tail of horse, crazy grass, seed of castor bean, saffron of prairie, henna, laurel, fern, acorns, rannculos, white grass, belladona and most dangerous of all the disk. You also he will have to review that there is not holes and any thing that can damage or hurt to its horse like a glass or sharpened objects. Asegrese that I graze of its horse surely is surrounded and avoids to use barbed wire since it can cause serious injuries to his horse..