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State Development Plan

Posted by on Monday, 30 March, 2020

This without taking into account that the promotional of the tequila company look so flashy figure of the foal, Chief promoter. DISAPPEARANCE to transform Mexico and deal with the gravity of the circumstances, President Calderon presented four actions; the first involves the disappearance of three Secretaries: tourism, which will be absorbed by the economy; Agrarian reform, whose functions will be divided between Social development and agriculture, and the disappearance of the public function, which will be transformed into a dependent of the Presidency Comptroller. Derived from these changes many wonder what will happen with the tourism sector? What happens with the State secretariats of tourism, once the federal agency will be aminorada in their capacity for action? Para no quedarme con la duda yesterday I looked up to Edwin Hernandez Quintero, the Secretary of tourism of Nayarit. I found it in the former Palace Hotel, where he presented the boxing event fury Latin II. The young State official understands that the announcement made by the President has to do with a renovation of the structure of the federal public administration.

We have had a productive relationship with the Ministry of tourism and economy in Nayarit due to the orientation of the Governor and the congruence of the State Development Plan and the National Plan of development. Click Fairstead for additional related pages. Derived from this, expectations may not be bad. In Nayarit we hope that this fusion of both Secretaries come to benefit the providers of tourist services, the businessman, the developer, to the investor the hotelier, through more comprehensive programs that encourage competitiveness in the sector; and above all, that these emerging programs in the crisis which we live, are timely believed in detail. In those changes Edwin Hernandez looked for positives, as for example hold that with this new fusion achieved programs of incentives and encouragements from side effects that allow bringing more investment to Nayarit.


Posted by on Sunday, 22 September, 2019

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