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An informative blog that engages your audience shorten the sales cycle. It also creates a period of courtship. You can subscribe to your thoughts, see if they like that even get to know you a little. People buy from people they like. I do not remember who said it first, but I learned that it is the truth.

If visitors do not feel like they are getting a vibration of the personality of you, who are often less likely to buy. Vibe = buy. Remember that, and that blogs make it easy for you to environment. To create new page specific search engine to your site without having to manually code a new page, or use your HTML editor all the time, you can enjoy the blogs. To access your blog admin panel, the thoughts of its kind, correct, press publish. Presto. You're a blogger.

If you want a free way back links to your site that contains the lucrative keywords, blogging helps with that too. Even if you have made a mess of your SEO efforts, or was the innocent victim of an algorithm change, if not prohibited by a search engine, blogs can help bring the results back to top . Because they have a search engine architecture for easy and can make use of your keywords automatically, without charge, are an easy way to get into a search engine and stay in Reason # 2 that are not blogging – think it is difficult and expensive. Okay, especially if you are busy, or have a midsize business large, it may be in your best interest to hire one of the few consultants who work in these types of issues. But if you own a small business or home business with an online component, you can get away with cooking up a blog and the payment of an inexpensive custom template if you can not install one on your own. Most blog consultants will do all the keyword research, etc for you, so all you have to do is go and blog. Many of the most common blogging software systems are free or low cost, especially when weighed against the cost of paying only methods to attract visitors. Reason # 3 That is not the blogs – do not you think of yourself as a writer.

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