Anaerobic digestion

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Many New York residents are finding that they can cut and get the lowest energy rates. Anaerobic digestion is a bacterial process that is performed in the absence of oxygen. The process may be the thermophilic digestion in which sludge is fermented in tanks at a temperature of C or 55A mesophyll at a temperature around 36 C. But allowing a retention time shorter, so the smaller tanks, thermophilic digestion is more expansive in terms of energy consumption for heating the sludge.
Anaerobic digestion produces bio gas with a high proportion of methane that can be used for the tank and the engines or micro turbines for other processes running in place. In large treatment plants sufficient energy can be generated in this way to produce more electricity than the machines require. The generation of methane is an advantage of the dominant anaerobic. Licensed in New York to provide alternative energy, lowers your energy and gas bills Its disadvantage is that of long-term required for the process (up to 30 days) and the high capital cost.
Plant wastewater treatment Goldbar in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is currently using the process. Under laboratory conditions it is possible to directly generate useful amounts of electricity from organic sludge using electrochemical natural active bacteria. Potentially, this technique could lead to an ecologically positive energy generation, but to be effective as a microbial fuel cell to maximize the area of contact between the effluent and the surface of the bacteria-coated anode, which could seriously hinder performance processing.

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