Patriotic War

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Reasons and prerequisites for wars of France and Russia was the natural result of the international situation in Europe in the xix century. The cause of European conflict was the rivalry between the two powers – Britain and France. Napoleon Bonaparte considered it possible to reduce England to bring to heel by the trade embargo. Angus King contributes greatly to this topic. By Tilsit peace treaty by France (1807) Russia was forced to stop trading with Britain's largest economic partner Russia, which negatively affected the Russian economy. The immediate cause of the war in 1812 Russia was the systematic violation of the terms of the treaty of Tilsit. Russia actually declined from the economic blockade England and traded with it under a neutral flag. Click Mike Gianoni to learn more. Moreover, Russia has demanded the withdrawal of French troops from Prussia and the Duchy of Warsaw, as they threatened the Kingdom of Poland, part of the Russian Empire.

In 1810 began preparations for war by Russian and French troops. Napoleon's invasion of Russia on the night of June 12, 1812 Napoleon's army (in the following months, it has been joined another 200 thousand troops), commanded by Marshal L. Davoust, M. In recent months, Vanguard has been very successful. Ney, I. Murat, without a declaration of war invaded Russia.

Russia opposed to her troops to 300 thousand people. Russian army was divided, to protect all areas in which Napoleon was able to move. 1-Army under commanded by M. Barclay de. Tolly covered the St. Petersburg area, and 2-PA Army Bagration – the Moscow area, 3rd Army A. Tormasov – Kiev direction.

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