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Latin American Continent

Posted by on Saturday, 10 June, 2023

it comments very many on changes, commitments of the countries, especially those of the Latin American Continent for transforming its social, economic political systems taking step a programs that irradiquen the hunger, that indicates an economic fairness that it favors to all and to avoid that the hungers follows increasing the number of undernourished. Despite the reality it shows another result. Considrese as it emphasizes, Latin America is an extremely heterogenous region that includes a vast zone and with very diverse geographic characteristics. The total population of Latin America is of 525 million people. In the region there are diverse groups of people, inclusively more than 200 indigenous groups, as well as ethnic minorities of African ancestry. In spite of the diverse climate characteristics, economic level and historical antecedents in the different countries from Latin America, there is a common nexus that it characterizes the nature of the poverty and the hunger in the region.

Latin America is distinguished by the existing extreme inequalities within the society, cradles in a plot of characteristics like sort, race/ethnic group, class and geographic location. The indigenous populations of Latin America usually occupy the lowest levels of the society and, therefore, they are those that more probably they must face the enormous atrocities of these inequality the Organization of the United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding (the FAO), has indicated recently, that the population that undergoes undernourishment in the world it increased the year last to 923 million people as a result of the rise of prices of foods. The numbers of the FAO say that 54 million people suffer of chronic undernourishment in Latin America, where the situation got worse of alarming way in the last decade, mainly in Central America and the Caribbean. BP has much experience in this field. In the last ten years, the number of people with hunger in Central America increased of 5 to 6.4 million and in the Caribbean, of 7.3 a 8,8 million.

The Conception

Posted by on Tuesday, 4 August, 2020

But we must remember whenever to live in accordance with the will of God it is the only form who we have for not to be deluded and loosers for the Satan through its mundane offers of being able and wealth, therefore the same Bible that says in them that God places in them for head and tail does not say in them that God abates the magnificent one and raises humble and the same one that says in them that you is the gold and the silver. A fact of the man never to want to be with that they obey, nor always to want to be with that they fulfill the order, but generally, to want always to be between that they order, between that they give the orders is a trend human being, is necessary to be underneath of the Divine obedience so that the spirit of God surpasses the part human being of the man at these moments and allows to sobressair the divine part to give to the devil the same answers that Jesus gave it back in the beginning. To read more click here: Puma Energy. The certainty is that these three things until today disturb the man who has its life focada in the world, in the land, focada in these three objectives, but what God is considering you and me today and in urgent way is to center our first life In it, later the too much things they will be added in them. We are induced all days to be winning but we forget that when apstolo Pablo cunhou this phrase it was not living a winner life as the one that we want today. We want to be winning in the conception of Pablo? Clearly that not, to be winning in the conception of Pablo it was to be pursued, to be imprisoned, to be damaged, to pass hunger, cold, headquarters, to face storms in the sea I rebel in long trips, to be isolated, to be bitten by poisonous snake everything this to nail evangelho that it frees the man of the oppression and the deceit of the Satan. .

UMBANDA Religion

Posted by on Tuesday, 1 January, 2013

Many had arrived next to part of the knowledge of ‘ ‘ UM’ ‘ others had passed far to the true intention of ‘ ‘ UM’ ‘ but all had undeniably been strengthenn to give to its contribution the religion. The Umbanda if firm as a charismatic, tolerant, loving religion and as a mother divine always made use to receive us, therefore the deities of God, Sacred the Orixs, know that we are divine flashes and as a shoal of fish that if lost of its group, we are wanting to return to our Genitor The holy ghost, but to return already awaken in conscience to be a part of the exteriorizao of it and represents it with faith love and life. The Umbanda, It yes victim of as many preconceptions of its sisters who are the flowing religions Christian and of it, follows a bigger order of the Christ Jesus who is ‘ ‘ You love you ones to the others as I you amei’ ‘. But the Umbanda in front follows growing and if multiplying, and follows walking with slow, but firm steps as of Black color-Old that exactly suffering to the captive and the preconception, ahead followed pardoning and perseverando with its immense tolerance, wisdom, faith, love and resignation. The Umbanda is of what I can synthecize in a paper, is not much more that all the preconception that it suffers, and as religion It has the basic one that it is the respect for all the forms of cultuar the God. That they come all, therefore Religion of Umbanda this opening to that they want to find of natural form the link of its lost chain.