World MS Day On May 25, 2011

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Crossing borders with multiple sclerosis Cologne, may 2011. If you would like to know more about Paul Price, then click here. Amsterdam by eight European countries and in the Switzerland: MS affected parties Christian Rusterholz covers this distance together with four friends from 15 to 29 May 2011 on the bike. With the project boundaries would rust er wood of public show that an active life with MS is possible. At the same time, the tour is to make other people with MS courage and animate them to exceed their own limits. On interested can follow the tour.

The project boundaries is supported by sanofi-aventis Germany GmbH and the TEVA Pharma GmbH. From A to Z like Zurich Amsterdam: The Christian Rusterholz MS sufferers would like to cover this distance together with four friends from 15 to 29 May 2011 on the bike. Is after the start in the Netherlands via Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Zurich of Switzerland. Overall the team travels 2,000 kilometers in fourteen Days. On the last stage accompany several friends and MS sufferers and Franco Marvulli, silver medal winner at the Olympic Games in Athens and four-time world champion, the group. We want the trip limits exceed challenge MS both borders and boundaries in the head. Our tour is to demonstrate that much more is possible, as it is often believed”, so the 44-year old rust er wood, who received the diagnosis of MS in August 2003.

“Quick it was clear to him I have MS, MS has not me.” He sees a challenge in the disease and know that an active life with MS is possible. We want the project borders”set an example and encourage other people with MS to an active approach to the diagnosis,” emphasizes rust er wood. Active with multiple sclerosis last year, the 44-year old carried out is already a dream and was active with the multiple sclerosis. 1,730 kilometers from Denmark by Germany in the Switzerland riding the bicycle.

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