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Sports are one of the best activities that can make people, because with a good exercise, the body is exercised and will have a better physical condition and similarly have better health, so exercise performance by any sport is indispensable in the life of people. Learn more at: Senator from Maine. The question is decided by which of all the sports that exist, as the man with the idea to maximize physical activity has devised a large number of different sports to meet the tastes and skills they have different people, since not all the people have the same tastes for the same sport, or the same physical abilities. Therefore it is good to know of all sports and then a little to decide on one. With this in mind in this article we talk about gymnastics, sport that combines strength, flexibility and agility in the execution of certain sequences of moves that require high technical fee. This excellent sport unlike what many believe, not born in Greece, but in eastern countries, which are India and China, so the Chinese applied as part of the kung-fu, making certain mechanical, while the Indians applied it by mixing it with some magic formulas, with the idea of common people believe that the benefits to be obtained with the practice of gymnastics, were the result of the blessing of the gods. Since ancient times, gymnastics was applied in China, with muscle exercises were performed in which deep inspirations, which sought to strengthen the muscles or avoid the presence of cramps and rheumatic pain to disappear like some deviations from column. But even in these Eastern countries are performing the application of gymnastics, was no mere treatment of a muscle, but not as a sport in itself, would be in Greece where it would take the quality of sport with the completion of movements and techniques of gymnastics, in activities such as throwing, jumps, fights and more.

The gym had a great climax to the Greeks and Romans of ancient peoples, but from the legacy of the Middle Ages the gymnastics was a dark time in which there was a lot of his practice and therefore had no development, it will only at the present time it turned to gymnastics practice, but at a higher level and so reach the conditions in schools is practiced in today's world. In today's world there are six forms of gymnastics, which are: general-Gymnastics: is practiced gymnastics in groups of 6-150 people, in this mode shall perform certain sequences of moves in sync throughout the whole. "Gymnastics: This is making movements with the head, hands and legs, making it a mode of expression to music. "Rhythmic gymnastics: in this mode only involved five women and perform routines that are ball, ribbon, clubs, hoop and rope. -Aerobics: it performs a sequence of high intensity movements during 100-110 seconds. -Gymnastics Acrobatic: some acrobatic moves are made in pairs is a man or women or mixed women's trios and quartets of men. -Trampoline: certain moves are made using a trampoline.

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