Videos- the Information of the Future

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The information in the future is the video, dear friend, times are changing and with it new technologies, leaving behind the old ways of transmitting a message and a web positioning. The latest technology to convey a message online is video, and all major search engines know this, that have long since changed their ranking algorithm all used web video, if my friend Google were to buy YouTube for example to control 90% of Internet video information. If we turn this situation is really shocking information that Internet users viewed the end of the day via video. Learn more often says this.

Studies verified dictate that 80% of Internet users viewed an average of 2 minutes of video on the Internet daily in a day Say 600 000 avid Internet users, this is a very low quantities and is only for an example, then the display time information video through the series of 1.2 million minutes, an incredible true But now imagine a more quantities Internet surfers accurate only in Spain, say the total Spanish population was connected only in one day 25 million people, say that of these 25 million people visualize information through videos, about 10 million to 2 minutes per surfer would be a really shocking figure, imagine it worldwide. What I mean by this? That if you start putting information about your products and services in the videos, you will have a more comprehensive fee that Google will likely position the best results for a search, and it increases by 90% the chances of attracting qualified traffic from your videos and various social networks. .

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