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' She is necessary to love the people as if it did not have tomorrow, because if you to stop pra thinking about the truth do not have ' ' Beginning our dialogue with this phrase that says of what it makes look like, does not teach in them much more of what any school. Words as this, perceived in its colored form, or simply as a limpid and inconfundvel frequency, that makes in them to feel what he was asleep inside of us. Ironically we are pegos of surprise hearing musics with letters that ask for to love those that attacks in them and many times obtain hurting in them. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Novartis CEO. Coincidence? I think that not. This agreement is part of our evolution, all we pass and will go to pass for unimaginable situations and that our mind fits and our heart to decide which way will be most sensible inside to fundirmos of us this event.

We have that to stop to give more attention to the details, them really they make the difference, either it in which universe will be. Perhaps when a friend speaks (Ei, we go to talk one hour of these), it needs somebody very to relieve, and we finish postponing for not giving attention, to these details. Perhaps a simple ones to look at already speaks more than a thousand words one hugs the time does not walk pra backwards and we do not know if still we will be with the opened eyes to see the sun to be born of varanda, to see the birds subtle if to accomodate between the trees really is necessary to love the people, the life each one in its way, but she is necessary because if you to stop pra thinking. it goes to understand the message and the objective of everything this, its existence The details really make the difference in this our hostile universe in the lack dialogue. in the lack respect in the lack love Item that would have to be the basic one of the convivncia between beings of the same species. One more time obliged for leaving that I inside entered a little of its interior if and what I said it had the least a little of absorption in its mind already was valid the penalty our reflection. Abraos. Maicon Moso email for contact: Blog:

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