The Earth

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Any other part of the universe we find water in abundance, except here in the Earth. Water, a wonderful solvent, dissolves almost anything on this earth, with the exception of those things that sustain life. This amazing liquid exists as ice, which cracks the stones and soil. As snow, stores water in the valleys. To know more about this subject visit heirloom tomatoes. As rain, irrigated and purifies the Earth. As steam in nature, it provides moisture for the greater part of arable land. It exists as cloud cover, precisely in the right amount.

If we had clouds like Venus, Earth could not exist. But we have exactly 50 percent of the surface of the Earth covered in clouds at any time, which allows to pass the right amount of sunlight. As pressurized steam, move the powerful machinery that we have here on Earth. Out of bismuth is the only liquid which, at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius is heavier than when it is frozen. If this were not so, life could not exist on this planet.

Therefore, when it freezes, it is lighter and floats. If it were not so, the Lakes and rivers would be frozen from the bottom up and killed all the fish. The algae would be destroyed and our provision of oxygen would end, humanity would die. Even the dust made an incredible role in favour of humanity. If it weren’t for the dust, we would never see the blue sky. 27 Kilometers above the planet, there is no dust of the Earth, and the sky is always black. If it weren’t for the dust, he never lloveria. A raindrop is composed of eight millions of tiny droplets of water, and each one of these droplets wraps a tiny speck of dust. Without these, the world resecaria and life would cease to exist. Each time that arises a controversial argument about the existence of God, I remember an illustration that made a strong impression on me.

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