Pure Theory

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JULIEN BONNECASE, in its proposal of " integral meaning of trmino" it defines it as " set of rules of conduct outer that, consecrated or not specifically by the Law in the generic sense of the term, on the one hand assures effective way in given means and a time given the accomplishment of the social harmony on the foundation of collective and individual the aspirations, and, of another one, on conception, nearly it needs that it is, the notion of derecho". AUGUST university professor GONZALEZ RAMIREZ, of that we have mentioned several times its interesting titled book Introduction to the Right, formulates a conclusion that we mention: " Considering previously transcribed, for the limited aims of this text and making abstraction of the real sources of the right, a formal definition of the same, that is to say from the objective point of view can be tried, that would be formulated thus: " Science that deals with the set of obligatory norms that they regulate the interhuman reactions in order to replace satisfactory and equitably the needs of the individuals and to assure justice and harmony sociales". It conceives it to BAUDRY-LACANTINERIE like " set of rules that govern the conduct of the men in relation to their resemblances, whose half, is possible, at the same time as and just useful, to assure its fulfillment by means of coercion exterior" 18. In a question-answer forum Joan Dausa was the first to reply. As last reference to the definitions of the right we bring that one of the Pure Theory of the Right of HANS KELSEN: " The science of the right has been characterized of the following way: 1 – It is a normative science whose unique object is the right. For her other natural facts that do not exist those with meaning legal, this is those incorporating to a norm like contents, and transforming, therefore, in Right. 2 – It is a science of positive right, which excludes from its scope all type of problems that talks about ideal orders, which nothing have of legal.

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