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New Study: The Banks REPORT 2011 Is Released

Posted by on Tuesday, 15 October, 2019

Facts about 1,700 banks represent the German banking landscape the report published in March contains numerous details about the German banks and financial institutions along with addresses and contact persons. Industry trends show year developments over the balance sheet totals, the number of banks and bank branches, as well as the employees counts and make the change in the business development on. The 2011 edition grouped the bank information on more than 200 pages in thematic chapters that have been prepared from the angle of view of the user. Thus, it allows a focused target group search. Chapter I begins with a listing of all Bank portraits, at the institutions alphabetically with corporate information such as address, phone, year of Foundation, names of Board members and the area / Department head, number of offices are enriched. In the other chapters, industry comparisons, statistical developments and regional approaches follow: the rankings of commercial banks, savings banks, cooperative banks, other banks, direct banks and manufacture of building societies according to size classes the direct comparability of total assets and number of employees. The business development of the individual banking groups, as well as analysis and statistical analysis, information about mergers and acquisitions are worked in a separate chapter, in which in addition to five year comparisons also averages of the industry to read.

“In the final register of the place, the perspective of the Bank structure to the regional point of view turns: who is in what region and what city, active?” This question is interesting especially for local service providers. Who wants to reach the German banks as a target group, receives the WIDAT banks REPORT information about addresses, contacts and size classes of all banks and savings banks from 100 million balance sheet total. Online orders are possible on the M & L AG. M & l Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main, Ingrid E. Abdoli.

Canada Gold Trust: Fourth Of Gold Mining Fund At The Start

Posted by on Friday, 22 April, 2016

“Buy now” gold, many experts say, and thus follow the trend to ensure the highest profits in periods of favourable purchasing conditions. Konstanz, 16 September 2013. Much speaks for valuable investment in gold. Because it is what development the international money market is currently even for professionals only hard estimate. So, it is at least not completely insane that the ailing public finances in some euro-zone countries gold could lead to a devaluation of the euro and thus to a considerable appreciation of the “safe harbor”. The Fund series of Canada gold trust GmbH from Constance not follows this speculative trend quite deliberately.

“Instead the funds offer an interesting alternative to direct investments in gold, where they deliberately scuttle their volatility”, so the Fund analyst Philip Nerb. Because, as already the predecessor Fund, the current investment Canada gold Trust IV GmbH & co. KG relies on the mining of gold and this attainable profits on the sale of the sought-after precious metal and thereby not just on trade with physical gold. Again has the initiator installed several security lever. Investing region in the heart of British Columbia, Canada again in the gold-rich Canadian Cariboo. Here, interesting gold deposits have been confirmed by the geologist Dr. Rudiger Schwarz from the geotec Rohstoffe GmbH and Prof.

Lee A. Groat of the University of British Columbia for the predecessor Fund. Also, these are biodegradable through the so-called surface procedure cheaply and thus economically efficient. To the development of the Fund management company enters collaboration Pinegrove gold mines Inc., which belongs to Henning gold mines Inc.. Again, one of the world’s leading companies in this segment, the operating gold mining acquires SRK exploration services, thus ensuring a smooth handling. Already with the predecessor Fund, interesting gold deposits could be confirmed in nearby areas. To ensure the required flow rates, the parent company of Henning Gold mines has ensured in addition to accession financial debt, that in addition to the contractually guaranteed claims if necessary other areas free can be included in the breakdown. The production is still profitable even at a gold price of less than $ 1000 per Troy ounce. And should slide the price against all expectations to under US$ 850 per Troy ounce, a hedging with the renowned House of UBS is scheduled as in the predecessor Fund, which provides this award. It becomes clear: the security, which led to the quick from placement of the first three funds, could be retained also at Canada gold Trust IV GmbH & co. KG. A participation is possible in 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium. During the short period until end of 2017 to be made starting from 2014 annual distributions by 12 percent per year, which are billed quarterly. There is also an early writer and a success bonus. This is dependent on the price of gold during the period. As in the predecessor fund disbursements are possible in euro or physical gold. More information under