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Posted by on Wednesday, 6 February, 2013

I’ve been talking to several business people, highly successful in recent times, and am excited to see that all quierem to learn about the commercialization of the Internet. It is exciting to see the emergence of internet marketing to men and women of business actively, looking for help with the commercialization of the Internet through its web sites. As you can see, even a child to do so, get your site in the search engines, that was the key. Thus, people threw his web site, and let it run on its own. So the sites were more or less designed to be extensions of their business, providing visitors with information about products. Ah, but the rules of the game have changed, my friend.

The commercialization of the Internet, your site online and that is what makes the difference between a productive site and a site non-productive. So, firstly, I would like that you a quick look at your website. Forward, open a new browser and compruba that works as a visitor is viewing a page for the first time. Is it easy to navigate? It is logical, or only visitors look through category your site? Is there an objective in your site? Is there a place, that ultimately, they want to channel visitors? It is a landing or contact page to ask for the email address and the name of the person and the questions or comments for you?