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Pressure Capacity

Posted by on Wednesday, 21 June, 2023

The development of technology today is impossible without reliable and simple systems and control mechanisms that can operate for a long time with minimal human intervention. One of these systems are hydroelectric. Industrial Hydraulic widely used in cnc machines, hydraulic presses, road machinery, logging equipment As the 'heart' hose, industrial Hydraulic require proper operation, timely, routine maintenance and, of course, high-quality sites. Hydrostation drawn from the tank, pump, dc motor and special hydraulic elements. Reservoir is a carrier design for all elements. In hydro embed special hydraulic valve parts such as taper functional surfaces, which provide high integrity. When choosing hydrostation should carefully study the diagrams and technical data pump, motor and reservoir.

The main characteristics of the stations, oil stations and pumping systems include: Pressure, MPa Bar, kgf (1 MPa = 10bar = 10.19 kgf/cm2). The pressure of working fluid – oil, which is necessary to create the system capacity, l / min. Patrick price is actively involved in the matter. Oil tank capacity, l. Number of drainage lines. Ie, the amount alleged by the customer executive bodies (such as hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic) press machine, machine, machines, etc. Do I need to install the control valve (-ate).

The customer must know the additional requirements (if any) to the station, or additional equipment installed on the power station, oil station or pump installation or have gidroshemu or description of the power station. Standard, equipped with hydro: Pump plate or axial piston, depending on the required pressure. ac electric motor air. If necessary, hydro can be fitted with explosion-proof motor, or any other optional customer. Tank. Standard Oil tank capacity of 10, 25, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 400 liters. Tank is equipped with a tap oil drain, manholes for cleaning. Oil tank capacity is dependent on the amount of executive bodies of the hydraulic system. For example, if workers serves as a hydraulic cylinder body, then you need to know its inner diameter and stroke. The water inlet filter strainer. To clean the oil from the impurities in the casting. Safety automatic valve. Serves to control

Air Compressors: A Reliable Aid In Any Work

Posted by on Saturday, 27 October, 2018

One of the truly universal device that can equally well be applied in industry and at home – it's the compressor. Air compressors provide the energy for a vast range of air tools, which, in turn, are used and the processing of metal, and construction, and even the simple swapping of tires. In fact, air compressors are needed wherever you want to create high pressure. For example, spray the whitewash on the ceiling, a simple pneumatic device that works with a compressor. Air compressors are known to mankind for a long time, and today there are many different variations of this equipment. Until recently the most popular used piston air compressors.

But now they no longer satisfy the requirements of quality, efficiency and environmental work. In their stead come the more modern screw air compressors, as well as some other models (eg, spiral). To understand what the advantage of new compression equipment, to to know even the basic features of design of piston and screw devices. Job piston, perhaps, is one. In the case of the compressor it is acting in a sealed compression chamber: when lowering its volume decreases and pressure, respectively, increases. Compressed air is released into the receiver, and when picked up in the piston chamber receives a new portion of the "material". It is not hard to guess that in such a system pushes the air is released.

To stabilize the flow (and it is necessary for the uniform of pneumatic tools) need to use receivers of large volume. Screw air compressors produce contraction, flowing air between the two rotors. In this case, the air flow is obtained by uniform with no pressure surges, and the device itself does not make loud noise or vibration. In addition, there are some models screw air compressors, which do not use oil lubrication, ensuring clean air and no waste.