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Free Javamidlet

Posted by on Friday, 3 March, 2017

At a time when people are no longer able to see the number of words and understand the essence of the name comes to the aid of numerology (from Lat. Numero – and I think Greek. Logos – the doctrine), which reveals the hidden man's connection with his name and number. Numerology to determine which number corresponds to each name, and what secret interests, dreams and aspirations peculiar to the person with that name. Numerology – the oldest system of doctrines about the symbolism of numbers and their magic properties. Her secrets were revealed for the first time the great Greek philosopher and scientist – Pythagoras.

The basic principle of numerology is to bring all of multidigit numbers by one-digit representations of them, on which determined by different properties, definitions and images. It is known that the letters of the alphabet can be expressed as numbers, for example, through their number in the alphabet, it follows that a great deal can be done numerological calculations. Numerology helps open a person's character, his natural talents, strengths or weaknesses, and discover the best time to select the important decisions, to predict its future. On the basis of numerology is possible choose their own partners in marriage or business. This is a great knowledge of the system enveloping our spiritual and material world, in the middle of a people with their life problems. Life of any person, on the theory numerology depends on several numbers, which are combinations of big set.

That is why the predictions and forecasts of individual numerology for everyone. The main initial information on the basis of which operations are performed numerological name and date of birth. After all, birth date and name of the man are not accidental. Evaluating the numerical code of man, it is possible to calculate for different characteristics, ranging from primary purposes and to predict the current day. Different approaches to meeting the numerology based in the popular request for the fate or to determine your compatibility. Numerology can be called algebra of fate! Java-midlet Numerology reveals character, soul and destiny of man (the inner world, hidden features, a good time of life), as well as compatibility with the name and the souls of other people based on name and date of birth.