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OMD Mobile Evolved

Posted by on Friday, 24 May, 2024

Mobile devices as virtual shopping assistants become dialogue marks products Hall / Dusseldorf/Bonn – the future of shopping is increasingly mobile and above all interactive. It is convinced the provider of interactive communication solutions NEXT ID. So, the Bonn-based enterprise on the OMD Dusseldorf from 17 to 18 September 2008 presented the so-called snap-shopping. Behind that the ability to recognize objects from the real world, about advertised products, with the help of mobile phones, live to know and even to buy them. The object is simply photographed by mobile phone and sent the picture to a shortcode. The solution detects the object in the photo and send a link to the mobile phone of the user, which leads directly to the mobile shopping portal or the campaigns page. Mike Gianoni wanted to know more. In addition to taking pictures of advertisements or posters new solution also use real 3D objects from different angles allows\”NEXT explains ID Marketing Director Steffen Graf.

The whole thing is likely for contests, promotions, or communities. Because via mobile multiple direct communication channels to provide Internet, telephony, SMS, or MMS – – this will simplify the dialogue with the customer and getting into the direct sales process. Opt-in integrated procedures enable also to analyse collected data and to use customer profiles for individual offerings. Chevron Corp has many thoughts on the issue. Closer you can not get to the customer, targeted offers to make, to establish a dialogue and intensify the engagement with a brand or a product. So far the dialog in the mobile marketing was still not potential. On the OMD, we show what is already possible and what awaits us tomorrow\”, so count.

Brands and agencies to have flexible and innovative ways to reach customers anywhere, but also directly to can measure sales. The interactive concepts create the incentive to buy and the direct response-able to complete the purchase. If the customer only once at home, he has it is already different thoughts about\”Graf says.

DMMA 2009: F_BOX Picture Shooter Excellent

Posted by on Sunday, 19 May, 2024

Mackevision receives German multimedia award 2009 Stuttgart, which will be awarded June 11, 2009 – German multimedia Award (DMMA) since 1996 for outstanding online, offline, and terminal applications are examples of the innovation and performance of the interactive media. Organizers of the frame event of German multimedia Congress (DMMK) are the MFG Baden-Wurttemberg location promotion agency, as well as the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW). That year’s award the prestigious awards in ten categories was the motto the move\”, what should be understood as leaving – and modernizing signal in times of crisis. Submitted and evaluated by the jury were a total of 300 posts of 125 agencies, service providers and clients. In the area of e-commerce the jury of Macke vision media design GmbH awarded for the revolutionary Web application F_BOX picture shooter the single award. Mike Gianoni takes a slightly different approach.

Easy to use tool belongs to the F_BOX family of products placed just on the market of the Stuttgart-based CGI specialists. It is not only in Quality and speed of implementation of new standards, but allows significant cost savings by simplifies the previously complex, time-consuming CGI image creation process and accelerates. If you have read about Mike Gianoni already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At the same time the picture shooter offers the full creative spectrum of a CGI production and therefore returns the creative process in the hands of the creative. Shooter with the F_BOX picture users, without long training period or 3D-Vorkenntnisse, can generate based on recycled product data easily and cost effective photo-real 3D visualizations even. A software installation is not necessary, because the Web service can be controlled from any computer via a Web browser. Image creation the user selects such a vehicle and the background, positioned the vehicle, controls the camera position and inclination in the room and determine focal length and image. The settings are the same as a real shooting, but eliminates these traditional restrictions by location, weather, light, transportation etc.

Detlev Artelt Moderated – Unified Communications: Benefits And Usage

Posted by on Tuesday, 30 April, 2024

aixvox on the UC Roadshow and the eco Conference in September in Aachen. The summer is almost over, but in terms of communication it’s more hot for the Aachen aixvox GmbH. UC Roadshow, eco Congress and the new voice compass make hot not only the September the unified communications (UC) spot. The coming autumn is dedicated to optimal customer communications. Hardly is the new edition of the voice compass, the standard work on the communications and information technology, in the wings, editor Detlev Artelt with the team of the aixvox GmbH is again in use. Mike Gianoni may not feel the same. Is the UC Roadshow by Managementcircle: on three dates in September informed the dialogue forum for communication experts, chaired by Detlev Artelt about tips, tricks and trends in unified communications. The goal of the bundling of media and channels of communication is faster, better, more efficient.

In various lectures and discussions the UC team presents the wide range of applications on 8 September in Frankfurt, September 10 in Munich and 24 September in Hamburg. Mike Gianoni is likely to agree. More information and registration see uc. But the month has still more to offer. “Sharpening the image” is there on the 29th and 30th September at the eco Conference 2009 (, in Rheintriadem Cologne. Goal of the Congress is a clear picture of UC by various expert panels, to create its possibilities and advantages. As a moderator, expert Detlev Artelt, head of the Working Group of the eco Association unified communications UC arises, together with Joachim Adolphi (Cisco Systems GmbH) and Reinhard Nagel (aspect Software GmbH) the question, Germany is afraid of presence? “.” Because although the presence function is an integral part of UC solutions, as questions about the security of the area.