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Posted by on Thursday, 11 June, 2020

Formula 1 is one of the more popular international automobile competitions, even the one that more. For even more opinions, read materials from Paul Price. It so gets to be his reach, that it moves stratospheric amounts of money through TV rights, sponsorships, public, etc. If we went back at the beginning of this sport, in 1950, little would be due to imagine the pilots of the cars which would get to suppose to comprise of one escudera, not only for them but for the rest. For the business of the Great Prizes it is necessary to know that Sixth, it made a contract of near 200 million Euros relaying the previous championship from the 2009 to the 2013, and the 5 years, as much TV3 as Telecinco only 15 million were spent each. This height in the investment on the F1, harnessed basically by the victories of the pilot Fernando Alonso, made be on the awares to many Spanish companies whose mark wanted to be harnessed. As of that moment, Banco Santander, being useful that the Asturian pilot fichaba by escudera Ferrari decided to sponsor it, appearing its logo as much in its car, like in its monkey, and all the merchandising of Fernando Alonso. This investment was of about 40 million Euros, stratospheric amount if it is only seen as a simple impression of the logo of the organization on these products, but on the other hand, obtained a yield of 400%, increasing the knowledge of mark anywhere in the world. In the case of the sponsorship to Hamilton with merchandising McLaren Mercedes, it reported an increase to him of his presence in the mind of the hearing in the United Kingdom, fact that helped to its enter the British islands with the acquisition of the Abbey Bank. All the escuderas receive such income of the sponsoring marks that or escuderas with name of other marks or own marks are, as in the case of Red Bull, that they have his own escudera. This has arrived to such an extent that this merchandising can be found in a store of sport clothes, department store or in a store of specialized F1. Original author and source of the article