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Youth Office

Posted by on Tuesday, 17 February, 2015

It is however now mostly already gang and give. Because the Kitaplatze is in many places not centrally allocated, is a login in all institutions of the Usual catchment area. Parents who receive no Kitaplatz for their child in August, should contact as a first response to the Youth Office in their city. So maybe able to bring about a settlement with the city. Can organize the youth welfare office but no place in a daycare or with a childminder, parents can sue the city with the competent administrative court.

To charge the costs for an expensive private institution or any compensation for loss of earnings, not chances so badly, as the following example shows. Example of a lawsuit in Mainz was charged with already on damages. In the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate, the parents can claim the legal right to a place in the Kita from the second age. Although the legal situation is clear here, no place in the local kindergarten was provided a mother for her two year old daughter. The mother was then forced to place their child in a private, more expensive institution and then brought an action against the city of Mainz on the reimbursement of costs that it resulted in the establishment of private. Due to the unique legal situation which prevails in the city, in may 2012, the Administrative Court came to the judgment, that the additional costs to reimburse were of women.

More info: on the Internet you can find many more tips for parents. As a partner in legal matters a local law firm with specialty is family law, such as for example the Cologne law firm Advogereon. It operates also an extra furnished info website:. In addition, also family counselling can help. Images: Dieter Schutz + Thomas k. /