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Better Coaching

Posted by on Thursday, 23 May, 2024

I would like to comment on this arcticulo on my observations in the area of coaching business in Mexico, after 4 years of working with owners of small and medium-sized enterprises business. I’ve seen that you are coming to our country various options of business coaching, that promote this discipline with truly impressive results and sometimes until a little incredible. Clear information are only percentages and for whom has handled percentages, it can realize that when we talk about small businesses, achieve large results increases is something really subjective. However the reason for these lines is not to doubt the effectiveness of the results of these systems in other countries or who may not have the same in ours, the idea of these lines is to comment on the system of business coaching via telephone. In my experience I have given both business coaching in person and by phone and I think that if we go only to the profitability of operation of the coaching part, we can find that made coaching via Telefonica has some advantages s important against doing so in person: * telephone coaching makes more efficient the times both the coach and the coacheado. ** The telephone coaching reduces the risk of an automobile accident * and helps you learn how to manage your company at a distance, in the event that you had to be away from it for awhile. The drawbacks that I see in coaching telephone, especially in Mexico are: people are accustomed to work and interact with people in a warm way entrepreneurs like to look in the face to the person you are working like us feel the human heat that occurs with a personal relationship, as well as facilitate the submission of reports and documentation. It’s believed that Economic Cycles Research Institute sees a great future in this idea.

The advantages of face-to-face coaching I’ve seen are: a communication can be performed more high, since we have no body language that represents more than 50% of the communication. The Coach can get better feedback from its client, addition to review their workplace and review your interaction with other members of the team When performing a face-to-face coaching, promotes the trust relationship with our client when the client visits the coach, the client goes to your business giving a reviewed during the journey to your company, on the themes seen in the session convinced that always a coaching in person will give a better result than a coachign distance by phone or skype. You must be careful in options that we chose to take, and above all ensure that our profile is adapted to what we offer, above all to avoid staining this beautiful discipline of coaching, that are just taking force in our country. In our company RLS Mexico have helped hundreds of business owners, achieving results ranging from 10% to a 100% increase in their profits in a period of 12 months, only have made coaching telephone to 5 companies which by their size and economic situation had access only to coaching by phone, which by the way is cheaper in our company, because we decided to reflect transfers savings to our customers. The sessions are 4 a month for 1 hour approximately. We invite you to leave your comments on this topic and to live Coaching! An affectionate greeting.