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Czech Republic

Posted by on Wednesday, 4 August, 2021

there are many training programs with the prospect of employment. These are the main areas, there are other options, but this rarely happens, for example, Israel, Persian Gulf, and cruise ships. Nati Anti In 2009, the labor market has undergone some changes in terms of what has become more competitive due to the rampant unemployment and a huge desire of people to go abroad to work. In this regard, even on low-skilled positions is desirable to have any experience, because the employer has to choose from whom. Illegal work as an option – not an option. Who needs problems? Seasonal work (demand foreign labor, because the local population went to other eu countries in search of better paying jobs) – Cyprus, Poland, Spain. Skilled workers in construction and other related areas – Poland, Germany. Necessary documents required the qualifications.

Attendants – Various countries, where developed tourist business. Required in hotels, restaurants: waiters, maids, animators, cooks, assistant cooks. The level of pay in Poland from 300 to 800 U.S. $: depends on qualifications / jobs, also on the employer pays for meals and lodging or not. On food goes around 50-100 dollars.

Accommodation is most often paid by the employer. In some countries there is a demand for foreign labor – the question is generally very difficult to answer. Each country has its own nuances registration of aliens. Demand is there, for example, in the Czech Republic, but visas can not be opened. And so each country has its own ”. Smawk 1. Youth programs.

Russian Federation

Posted by on Wednesday, 6 June, 2018

So, in 2008, the number of graduates exceeds the demand for them in 9770 people in 2015 – to 6865. It is obvious that under the current system of training professionals, such forecast employment of graduates is not favorable. Trouble finding work in Vladivostok have graduates from all universities, without exception, and virtually all specialties, even demanded. According to our surveys and research, the desire of employers to attract professionals with higher education because high school diploma guarantees the existence of a potential employer employee primarily minimal cultural level. Today rely solely on the labor market is not necessary, especially since the legislation of the Russian Federation guarantees for higher education on a competitive based on any chosen field, regardless of its relevance. – At all levels – from ministers to parents of schoolchildren – not subside debate what to expect from the higher education system: high-quality professional training or basic knowledge on a wide range of disciplines. If simple – high school graduate should be broadly educated and cultured man or first professional? And who are easier to find a job? – Wrong, speaking about the problem of graduate employment, basic pay claims only to the education system.

Can we expect a significant change from just upgrading this area? Hardly. The labor market can not be a measure of quality of higher education, particularly in circumstances where the economic effect of economic activity depends not only on staff but on the competition in the market. Higher education institutions should give the young a person of fundamental education, which will serve as a base for him for life.