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Randy Gage

Posted by on Thursday, 13 January, 2022

So communication very similar to this. You are awake and starting to someone talk about their service, and he is depressed and you pshit and cdulis. How do we raise our level? How did gain a positive. So that was enough for a day? We begin with the charge in the morning for the mind. Where gain a positive and confident. One man told his nobleman in the morning – "Arise, my king, you expect great things!" Something like that.

Bodo Schaefer recommended that the pre-record their achievements in life, when you do something beneficial sold, someone won, won the competition, something like that. In the morning reading it. In the evening join the list. Advice from a millionaire Randy Gage – read books by authors who, you elevate and cheer. Tackle themes: that you pleasure. Craig Sproule shines more light on the discussion.

all depends on VASVy right to choose whom to sell. Since you are a buyer it is important to the team with whom you unite, your choice. German billionaire Bodo Scheffer told an interesting metaphor – you pick up on Mountain of plenty, there are people who are also seeking up, unite with them in the team help them. Do not help those who are going down, they utaschat you for a vnikuda, at high speed, even though such people is very small. Look around terms of look, who strive for wealth and survival, and who has long been a quagmire of circumstances, and tells us how bad all around, and what you're bad.

Business Market Development

Posted by on Sunday, 8 May, 2011

The crisis has revived the almost forgotten since 1998, term – lease on favorable terms – reducing rental rates, deferred payment, very loyal by the landlord in terms of conversion of premises for food services, obtaining necessary approvals, the purchase of additional capacity, etc. However, please note that these conditions have been proposed mainly anchor tenants, and only the most successful brands in the restaurant business and catering to exploit them. 4.Sokraschenie budget for the promotion of domestic franchises in the food sector. Restaurateurs believe that because of declining purchasing activity of the target audience, these costs will be money thrown away in vain (Damn-Stick, "" Chocolate, "" Mug "," Baby-Potato "and many others). However, the axiom of "advertising – the engine of trade" is unlikely Is it possible to be questioned. I am confident the further successful development of franchise networks in Russia is impossible without competent promotion of brands in the food sector with proven advertising and consulting companies.

The company "Business Market" is always ready not only to "share your success, but also contribute to it, using all his experience and proven technology to promote your franchise. To most efficiently and effectively adapt to current conditions, the market should not bet on budget cuts to promote the franchise, and the adjustment of development strategy: the search for new suppliers, negotiating to reduce rent rates, the costs of personnel, transfer of most of the functions not directly related to the kitchen (legal department, accounting, logistics, advertising and PR) on outsourcing. 5.Osnovnoy revenue growth accounted for a segment 'Fast food' and a variety of formats in the democratic middle price segment. Before the global financial crisis, market development catering proceeded rapidly. In comparison with the population of other countries, Russians spend on meals outside the home a small portion of their income, however, the culture of food consumption is changing rapidly, including through the efforts of large networks catering and restaurant business to new players with worldwide reputation, which continues its expansion into the former ussr. All this gives rise to experts in one voice to say that the food service market in Russia is still not saturated and there is still enough room for a large the number of players, a considerable percentage of them prefer to objective reasons, namely the development of franchising.

In Russia there is no significant market experience in the restaurant business and traditions, no experience accumulated methodological framework that helps to run a business. In order for the restaurant began to make a profit, you need to build competent marketing policies aimed at attracting and retaining the target audience, the constant retention of interest in its trademark: informing the population about the opening of schools, the maintenance of constant interest to him, while attracting new visitors, and forming the loyalty of old ones. All above tasks successfully solves the franchise way of development of this business. After all, an entrepreneur who became a part of a well-known brand and proven business system, not simply to minimize their risks, but also takes already established a loyal audience for your institution.

Franchising Development

Posted by on Wednesday, 4 May, 2011

Within the segment catering to the development of Russia is extremely uneven. Growth Rate catering market in Russia fell in 2009 ("crisis year") in a 3-fold (from 33 to 11%, according to the consulting department of RBC). When the demand for franchising deals in the restaurant business and fast food remains at a fairly high level – over 50% of applications for the franchise this direction (2009 – 1 half of 2010, according to consulting company "Business Market "). What is the cause of such fluctuations in the development of this sector? In this article I will answer this question. In a world of absolute leadership by the number of franchising offers franchisees belong in the public food – most of them fast food franchise. Network of McDonald's (about 32,200 establishments), KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken, more than 3000 points, only on the Chinese mainland, the network bought the domestic brand Rostiks ), SUBWAY (more than 300 universities in Europe), Fry Chicken, Texas chicken, Burger King , Dunkin Donats known townsfolk far beyond their homeland – the USA and there are at present in all continents. The situation in Russia is somewhat different from the world: the number of franchise deals in the catering does not exceed 10% of the total number of proposed franchise. Russian franchise is rightly called a "trademark". Because the proportion of franchises in the area of apparel and footwear retailers with confidence exceeding 50% of the proposals, and this provision remains unchanged since 2005. In world practice, the same franchise associates with fast food.