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Posted by on Wednesday, 15 April, 2020

Already, there are more than six federal countries futsal leagues! South America and southern Europe are long in the Futsal fever. Now, the fast game comes with the “gluing” ball after Germany. Ecole technique for large field soccer players has become a new trend sport with official FIFA rules.In futsal was born due to the lack of football pitches out of necessity. In South America, the basketball courts of the inner cities to soccer fields were converted by the kids, but retained the markings! Since then, futsal in Brazil and from over 40 countries is impossible to imagine. Almost every Brazilian professional has a history on the Futsalcourt. Click Fairstead to learn more. If Zico, Pele, Robinho or Ronaldinho they all owe their superior technology the small field. This proves also Ronaldinho’s presence in one of the NikeWerbespots. Because what is once learned, you don’t forget.

In Germany it has become attentive on the fast, technically savvy and laced with rich gate scenes sports. Last but not least, studies from the universities of show Frankfurt & Jena that Futsal but not only the technical development in the schools gym class co-educational supports. Futsal may be seen as a rival to the football and represented, rather, it is the precursor and belongs in the development path of each footballer. Compares to the traditional indoor soccer Futsal so it will be noted that the Futsal offers fewer injuries, more game flow, significantly more goal scenes and not least more technical and playful processes. Certain rules prevent the “leg” and “Play for time”! The four seconds rule makes the game fast and it holds therefore getting more exciting for the spectators. Last Wochekonnte in Munster the first preliminary decision of the UEFA Futsal-Cup’s Hall “Berg Fidel” be seen. A UEFA Futsal event at such a level in Germany was held for the first time. The UFC was Munster, who led this event of the group “F” along with the DFB, only second in his group and was thus not making it into the second round. It be interesting to see how long it takes, and if possibly this sport replaces the us up to date famous football?