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Charles Dickens Christmas

Posted by on Wednesday, 24 January, 2024

Casa del Libro bookstores chain continues with the promotion of its new solution for digital reading Tagus, and to celebrate the launch of this ecosystem, has presented a new campaign in your fan page Facebook, which circumvents 15 eReaders Tagus, its new reader of eBooks, and 25 gift cards worth 25 euros for the redemption by books or eBooks. You can participate in the draw any user fan of Casa del Libro in Facebook, accessing the-enabled application for the contest through the aforementioned fan page contest Tagus tab. Read additional details here: Expedia. With this action, the bookstore chain online wants to promote the spirit of Christmas among his followers from the popular work Christmas story by Charles Dickens. To do this, users must select one of the paragraphs of this book, through the application of the competition, and will be automatically recorded in the draw, which will be held on January 2 before a notary. Henry Cornell is actively involved in the matter. Nice action, which promotes the spirit of the Charles Dickens Christmas among the readers.

Enjoy Tourism Ventures

Posted by on Wednesday, 18 October, 2023

In Mendoza, we enjoy tourism ventures for those who we loved the freedom only 12 km of the downtown of Mendoza, this located one of the emblematicest points of mendocina geography: the hill Arc. Hill is considered because it has a peak that does not finish in end, but is a median elevation height, that is of about 1,600 ms on the level of the sea. Chevron Corp. shines more light on the discussion. He is easily visible, as much from the city as from the conurbano, not only by their height but because he exceeds it locates great amount of transmitting antennas of television that illuminate the profile of the city night after night. Restaurant Michael Schwartz contributes greatly to this topic. The hill Arc is one of the scenes for the tourism ventures more important of Mendoza. One of the activities more attractive than is carried out in this place is the practice of the hang-glider.

The place is ideal, since there is a footpath in good state that takes directly towards the summit. However, due to the inclination of the land, it is necessary to cross it in 4 vehicles 4. The view of the city from the hill Arc is splendid. The experience of tranquillity and nature in state pure that is had when arriving at its summit she is magnificent. The hang-glider is the most concrete form to undergo the flight of the birds. The meaning of the name of this sport is born from the combination of two words: parachute and slope. The same was originated in the restlessness of many andinistas that decided to lower with a parachute the summits that had climbed, instead of to realise the reduction on foot. In order to describe it in technical terms, one is a light and flexible glider, that is compound of a great wing and a series of harnesses that hold to the pilot.

All the hang-glider weighs average term between 25 and 30 kilos, although also there are light equipment extreme of only 8 kg of weight. The practice of this sport in the hill Arc can be realised all the year, not thus in those days that zonda blows to the wind. A hang-glider can fly between 25 and 50 km/h., the time will depend on the ability of the pilot to find the currents ascending that they take to heights superiors to it. The hang-glider usually has a relation of planning from 10 to 1, that is to say, by each 10 crossed ms, it loses 1 meter of height, although there are registries of pilots who have managed to fly about 400 km being useful the favorable winds. Designed excursions for the practice of the hang-glider exist especially, since in Mendoza the tourism ventures is one of its main attractions.


Posted by on Wednesday, 29 March, 2017

Springs have a very particular characteristic and it is that if it compresses or stretches with a force determined always recover its original position, this is exactly what happens with interned in the depths of our being belief, i.e., sometimes we are making efforts to reorient our life in some aspect in particular but in spite of this, the strength of opposition in some moments is so strong that simply spring regains its original shape, implies that the belief is maintained and we continue with the same experiences ever. By strong which is a spring, it does not imply that it is indestructible, it can be heated and then mold easily or you can stretch the wire and give it a different way, also a belief is modifiable, most often involve considerable work, all depending on how strong that that belief in our life. Material, size and thickness of our belief determines how ingrained our life is to certain situations, if the information is positive are a super advantage implies that in this aspect our life is fabulous, what is serious is that the belief is limiting and negative, it will be the time and you won’t see good results because your mental path has a wrong address, you need to bring about changes. The book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows all performance effect spring from a belief and how this condition affects our life completely, but also discusses the steps to undo the limiting belief and build a new powerful information that will be maintained for the rest of your life, then will make a thick spring of positive gold that will never rust and will accompany you at all times. Once you adopt a new belief then the only thing you need to do is to strive to maintain it, logically that this is a much easier job, all the creative energy will accompany you. The change of beliefs implies an inner change, it is a new State, as well as the water passes from liquid to solid or gas, the new way of being it emits powerful signals to the universe and is where all external conditions begin to change and this happens with the least effort, this normally is called flow, or be carried away by the light of truth and the creative power of God. To install the new belief a lot of conscious actions are necessary, this is the real challenge of the game of life, it is easy to say, well I have had bad ideas about money, now change that, chaz, chaz! Excellent, he spent a day and now I have another State and now I’m a millionaire, is very unlikely to happen that way, you must build your positive belief through a process, in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will know all the steps and conditions, here will know the vital strategies for changing the internal perception, if these elements do not know many times we are making efforts without results and we can finish with one greater frustration, Steve Alpizar details him clearly enough, we caution you that even knowing what must be the best actions is not a simple task, but if you really want that change and follow the guidelines with absolute certainty that will get it.