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The Headquarters

Posted by on Wednesday, 13 April, 2016

Therefore if an expressive elementary property to praise exists is because in long ago it left to exist so that thus I could myself in the limits of the time become existing in the scope of my soul, alicerando itself in this prism the sentence where in the truth all the expressive inexistence to praise exists, more nor all its existence for the reason human being some day in fact arrived to exist. Then if I say I will praise I do not praise and if I affirm, ‘ ‘ God called me for this ministrio’ ‘ I perish in my ignorance, therefore to praise comes of an expression of full naturalness, the words is only one mere circumstantial momentnea consequence, the true louvor not it is produced and nor composed it is pulled out of the wealth of the inspiration that are part of our soul, having to our reach the tool of a pure heart launched the flames of the purificao of the celestial inexistence then, for the reflective introspective conditionings of our being in the efforts through the ground fertile of the wealth of our soul digs and digs and we do not cease to dig and at every moment that we make this in them we launch the headquarters, the determination, in the parameters of a insacivel anxiety of being able to find all the source of the necessary inspiration that if he characterizes in a spirit authority that brings in agreement ones of the reason all the natural direction of if being able to praise..