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Posted by on Monday, 30 May, 2016

A Namensschild-investment for the future! On larger events such as congresses and also international fairs, meet the most diverse groups of people. For exhibitors it is very important that you can well distinguish visitors by its own employees. This is possible nowadays rare through the clothing. For this reason a badge doesn’t have produced on the only knowing what the person’s name, but also has this at an event which functionality is. It finally makes a big difference whether you speak Lords of security or a company’s employees to one. Of course what badge is the right thing for a company is a difficult decision. There are numerous variants of the design, the size up to the material. However you should put on the quality of the name tags in all cases, this may reflect themselves not only in the design but also in cost for the clothing.

There with the fastening methods such as lapel pins or alligator clips under the clothes long time seen so can damage that this needs to be replaced. That can go through a modern magnetic fastening. This variant is Kleidungsschonend because it makes a hole in the mounting. Such magnetic fixtures are absolutely safe for health. Although it is a magnet to permanently close wears on the body but this can generate by far not so strong magnetic field that this harmful exercise itself could.

That confirmed the Ministry of health. Another point of consideration should be the material. But since name tags are not only a purchase for one day it is worth one euro for quiet time to spend more. For example, visually beautiful badges in chrome or aluminium. This also applies to measuring, even if there staff for only a day are often booked can be high quality nameplates on such as the names are easily interchangeable. To improve the impression a company slogan is it possible directly to engrave. Susanne Rasch,