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Error In The Human Matrix?

Posted by on Friday, 22 September, 2023

Everyone against everyone, the big eat the little ones and the polar opposite as God everyone against each etc…, the Genesis caused billions years ago. On the basis of feeding and food be a subtle Monster moves since unchallenged and undetected through time and space. Even philosophies and religions have managed not much to change it, because their findings were established as wishful thinking for a better world. This has produced sometimes only fanaticism or other extreme of faith in the life of the individual, groups or companies. The probability that a cosmic accident has caused this kind of development, and the pure idea of creation has been separated from the material is obvious. Access to the all-encompassing consciousness is not included in the three-dimensional and rational understanding, even if the notion of four-dimensional space time has been added. But as vivid awareness of the origin has produced at least twelve dimensions, this approach seems to be blocked by underdevelopment or blockage in the material brains. Jim Rogers addresses the importance of the matter here. Still has the original brain share, which keeps stored the oldest memories a great influence on the general development and destruction, exploitation and greed has the most outstanding testimony to reptoloide shares.

The frightening high consumption of meat consumption is also classify indigenous characteristics in the category because if the man descended from monkeys must be added to, that monkeys are not carnivores. The progressive degeneration in social behavior is also an another indication that could reside human evolution on the Strrang by reverse engineering. Such as group and envisage of adolescents, radically combat created law and order system, (communities against the police cordon and brutal violence against the police) and gunman to kill more and more their classmates or teachers. According to some social science studies indicate these excesses would be the subsequent generations, with archaic violence and social cold and Indifference, only on the own existence could establish fixed, on this planet. The development of the original raupen animalistic creatures, would be the result. A half-conscious species would give this planet the rest before the final fall against a devastated Earth. The training of consciousness, which is focused on the integration of the body, may prevent a such trauiges end of this world.


Posted by on Sunday, 7 November, 2021

For example, a Queen of swords in Tarot, means that it is a woman, which either has twin, Libra, or Aquarius properties, at least however so colored. But again not essential, because one and the same person is often different facets of their personality, depending on the mood and feeling, so that you can make not always an absolutely unique and final statement. This is however not incontrovertibly true sometimes In addition, the four elements, Earth, fire, water and air are represented in the Tarot. Here there are various signs of the Zodiac coins, bars, stemware, and swords, in the astrology. In short, but could say, astrology can us, such as Tarot, represent the “shell”, “Interior design”, however, can us Tarot however immediately with show, including the corresponding “renovations” and changes, so what “unterwusst” or “unconscious” is in us.

So would you describe as “Interior” of the under – or unconscious? If we in this simplified want to stay on pictorial representation: Yes. Where we once must look at what says unconscious at all. Sometimes we do just we act things without thinking about easily, without knowing exactly why we act out our belly, so the unconscious out. For example, A mother who loves her child, always knows, as it is, no matter where in the world is this child, and something is not right with this child should know so / the mother feels this also, unconsciously… …man could also intuition call it…! Yes, of course. If we remain so at the pictorial representation of this “Interior”, then various forces in our ‘establishment’: colors, shapes, and people. How do you do that in relationship? Oh, a very broad and interesting field. Everything that surrounds us, affects our consciousness and unconscious.

This causes”for example including moods. Imagine, come into a totally black-painted room. You will feel immediately small, restricted and are most probably even depressed.

The Concept

Posted by on Saturday, 8 August, 2020

From the current absence of true hope out we have us a licence hope built, a model that is based on that we are helpless beings and we are in an unjust situation in which we rely on rescue by a higher instance of authoritarian and on which we wait unaffected by actual reality and hope. “Here is equivalent to the concept of hope” the statement I find myself in a situation for which I can’t do anything and from which even without strange Help will not come out. I am and remain passive, because I can help me stop myself, and I hope now just still waiting for that miracle, which freed me out of this awkward situation”. I deny a so my personal responsibility for the situation that I’m in the, as well as my own responsibility that needed to do, what situation is only enables a change of mine. And finally, to release me from my responsibility, I pass my own responsibility of an authority that exists outside and far away from me.

I am connected, now with the genuine hope in me and in the divine presence so I am fully aware of my own responsibility, and I’m also not helpless, but quite able and willing, things to do that are necessary in order to enable a conversion. And I have the confidence, that things are good as they are, that they have their sense and that they generally slightly positive for stand by me. This inner instance hope allows me to connect to my knowledge, that the divine in all, eternally present, that is the divine in me and I in turn in the divine. I become so worn from a surge of confidence and certainty and understanding that I need to change anything or do, but have the freedom and the power and the potential to change it, to do what I want to do and change. Hope is absolute certainty that everything is already good. And just not the wallowing in the uncertain maybe, which makes us dream of future potential goodness.