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Offers for families and children on European ferries Hamburg, August 2011 – the anticipation of the holiday can be not only children’s hearts beat faster. But for families the holidays can be an extremely costly time. Flight, hotel, meals who pays the full price anywhere, quickly feel the limits of travel budgets. That there is another way, show many shipping companies and present on their ferries, now particularly favorable family offers ranging from free for children until going to comfortable parents child discounts, which apply during the holidays in the summer or autumn. Ample freedom of movement on board as well as the fact that you can transport easily loads of luggage in the car in contrast to air and rail, your ferry trips makes Additionally attractive especially for families. The Association of the ferry ride (VFF) shows, travel with children can be as cheap. Mediterranean itineraries demonstrate family-friendliness in Greek shipowners of ANEK lines and Superfast Ferries: children under four Igoumenitsa, Corfu or Patras travel years basically free of charge by ferry from Italy (Ancona, Venice or Bari) in the Greek ports. In addition, a child runs from Ancona or Venice per family until 12 years free of charge in the land of the gods. If you would like to know more then you should visit Roubini Global Economics.

More children over four years get 50% discount., Baltic routes auch Scandinavian countries standing high in the rate for family holiday are economically accessible by ferry. In Travemunde and Rostock, TT-Line’s ships towards Trelleborg place and can accommodate small travellers of Sweden six years free on board. At the same time will not be charged the meals in the restaurant or in the cafeteria for children up to six years. Viking line (Sweden, aland, Finland, Estonia) takes all children under 12 years free of charge (if accompanied by an adult) on board. the same applies to Scandlines on the range to Latvia. For the routes children travel to Denmark or Sweden to three free on the Scandlines ferries.

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