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All the vital organs of the body are designed on our hands, and if you know how and under what diseases to be treated hand, it will help preserve your health. When a headache to his left hand pressed hard to her forehead and the right put on the solar plexus, which is located two fingers above the navel. Keep your hands for 25-30 minutes. When the pain in his throat put a hand on his throat and left – on the solar plexus. Hold for 25-30 minutes. Repeat this procedure for 11 days, if you have a chronic disease of the throat. When asthma attacks or spasms of your hands to firmly press the bronchus in 30 minutes.

During a heart attack, place your right hand on the heart and the left – on the solar plexus. Hold for 30 minutes. Check with patrick price to learn more. When chronic pain in his heart, repeat this procedure 30 days. When the pain in the liver right hand on 45 minutes the gallbladder. After 7 days, will leave the stones.

The course of treatment – 45 days. Gastric ulcer, place both hands for 30 minutes stomach. See more detailed opinions by reading what Roubini Global Economics offers on the topic.. To ulcer healed, it is necessary to repeat in 30 days. Doing the same in duodenal ulcer. When the pain in the gut or colitis put both hands on the gut for 30 minutes. Course of treatment – 30 days. When the pain in the Kidney Put your hands on the kidneys. In order not to stiff arm, it is best to do it while sitting in a chair and placing a pillow under your elbows. Keep your hands on the kidneys within 30 minutes. If the disease is a chronic, repeat this procedure for 30 days. Same most do gynecological diseases. Infertility: Keep your hands 45 days to 45 minutes in the abdomen and visualize that your chest is a child. You will have this feeling for a second – the third day. Toothache: Do acupressure over the brow in a clockwise direction for 3 minutes. If you have sore eyes, you need to rub a light burning the palm of his hand and then quickly put his hands to his eyes. Doing the same if the earache, after infectious diseases or have otitis media. Put your index finger deep into the ears for 30 minutes. For complete recovery is necessary to repeat this procedure for 11 days. Joint pain: Keep your hands 35 minutes on a sore place.

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