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The term search engine optimization refers to a Web site for previously defined terms, as far as possible to bring in the results of the search engines to the front. It does not include the purchase of this placement and / or the switching of advertisements that are related to the field of search engine marketing. Basically, you can subdivide the search engine optimization into two parts “onpage optimization” and “off page optimization.” Under the onpage optimization refers to techniques and procedures that are applied to improve the relevance of each document on a website. The off page optimization methods and treated the other hand, the technical parameters that do not relate directly to the content or structure of a document. Search engine optimization search engine marketing is unlike any short-acting measure. Impact of search engine optimization can possibly occur after several months, if, without the use of assistive devices that can actually be detected. This requires the use of an analysis whichdeveloped in this work. Moreover, the fact that the various search engines prefer different assessment criteria, which also are subject to constant change. In this respect, the search engine optimization is a continuous process which is never completed. Consequently, there are no universal strategies of search engine optimization for all search engines, so that should be drawn up for each search engine individualized methods of approach. “Fortunately for the search engine optimizers” that have prevailed by now the big three search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. Beware of black sheep! IT intouch knows what is important in a businesstauglichen search engine optimization – because nothing is more dubious promise as an example, a top 10 ranking in search engines. Unprofessional and illegal search engine optimization is harmful to your long term online business, because often these websites from the major search engines are excluded. Instead of a Top 10 rankingso you end up in nowhere.

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