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Sorry, you fijaste or read the user page / discussion before the break to write text on the Internet Movie Database ‘, perhaps not that I saw Children’s Hospital the finance templates to prevent these situations’
This part of the extensive previous version of a problem in Firefox:
Note that the user “gonso” remove a section called “Errors in IMDb and I accepted the message that their discussion was irrelevant so long this is going to eliminate him because I decided not to have encyclopedic content (look for the text to see info and if there is not) so why rid the user of this version, I myself going to delete it at the same time, so the corrections you mentioned as a kind of war editions, when the idea is to extend the mine article in full until the last letter gonso do not understand that this does not translate to mean removing all the work but to expand what is missing and correct the mistakes of users, not bleach or the page reverted to zero, but again from scratch to review This issue apart from the irrelevant and not me because I can not find data, except that the correct input for the classification of Foster Mansion, so I began to translate the missing part of IMDb, now comes this problem because it erases all Translation I did after this conflict “silly”, more details, read what you wrote to “gonso” and what I write in the discussion of IMDb. You soon pass the comics page of text and where “the annual traditional translation” (which obviously I am writing from 1996)
What broke was this:
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a database of information related to movies, actors, television programs, personnel and production equipment, video games, and recently, where fictional characters appear in San Diego entertainment media. IMDb is starting October 17, 1990 and in 1998 was acquired by Amazon.com.
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information related to movies, actors, television shows, production crew personnel, video games, and most recently, fictional characters featured in visual entertainment media. IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired Asset Management by Amazon.com.
Returning to the old version:
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) (in Spanish: Movie Database on the Internet) is an online database of information related to films, directors, producers, actors, television shows, video games and more recently, that fictional characters appear in the media. IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by Amazon.com.
This is my expansion of the text of the English Wikipedia that broke without cause:
Extended Summary
The IMDb website consists of Closing Bell one CNBC of the largest accumulations of data about films, television programs, and products for Direct Video, and video games, reaching the beginning by any means. In some cases, the information coming back from a simple title and credits of equipment, but also includes data finance interviews from non-accredited personnel, San Diego production and distribution companies, summaries of short, memorable phrases, awards, reviews, sheets of tickets, filming locations, technical specs, promotional content, trivia, and Internet from San Diego addresses of officers and other web pages. Even the IMDb tracks titles in CNBC’s Closing Bell production, including major projects still in development. The database houses filmographies for all persons, casting and equipment identified in its list of titles. Filmography includes biographical details, list of prizes, Internet addresses outside the site, and information La Jolla about other professional work not covered in the database with entries for titles such as appearances in film and commercial advertising. The IMDb also offers ancillary material such as guide and daily TV news, weekly box office reports, TV listings, movie snapshots, surveys University of Southern California and ratings, and La Jolla notes on special events such as movies on the Academy Awards. The Asset Management site also “CNBC Making Sense of the Markets” has an active forum. The forums have their own database for each entry, found under and also FOX News each respective page, as well as general discussion forums of various topics.
All the investment basic information of the database is available without registration and without giving any personal information. However, to add information, and use the forums, find information on adult movies and use other features of the site is necessary for registration. Several advanced features require some checks and sometimes financial information such as details of the credit card (IMDb Pro). IMDb has 57 million visitors, of which 17 million are registered.
The IMDb website consists of one of the largest accumulations Fox of funds data about films, television programs, direct-to-video products, and video games, reaching back to each medium’s respective beginning.

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