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A skinny dog fleas and if everyone is not enough, take a magnifying glass to see if they are smaller. capital worth lately Inc. had asset management heard some disturbing terms and unknown to us as stagflation and deflation, so now we equity funds take a magnifying glass and found the new ‘ecoflacion’ or what amounts to net worth the same, the expected price increase due to the needs commitment to the environment. Months ago, The world in its science section echoed this term. When used as investment funds a investment LIFO method of inventory accounting, the company records the last units purchased Inc as the first that have been sold. LIFO is an acronym for Last In, First Out (entering last, first out), using the acronym mix UEPS (last in, first out). LIFO is the opposite of FIFO, which is LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm discussed later.
Based on the principle that private equity company the prices of things rises continuously with time due to inflation, this method records the first sale of the inventory more expensive and, therefore, reported a lower profit and therefore reduces the tax to be paid . However, this system does not reflect the physical flow of intangible assets, such as oil.
LIFO accounting is permitted by the belief that a business does not make smaller and emerging funds steady profits only by inflation. When prices increase, they must asset management replace the inventory that is sold at higher prices. LIFO cost CEO of associated best replacement. LIFO is not accepted by mutual funds the international accounting standards, and is largely funds used in the United States.

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