Maria Moscoso in the World Week of living authors (FRANCE)

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Global Week of Living Authors of Theater, Marseille (France) From 20 to 27 March, held in Marseille (France), the Fourth Edition of the Week of Living Authors, organized by the Association “Les Auteurs de l’Ombre” chaired by Fabrice Raina, in collaboration with Centro Cultural and Social “La Castellane” and with the support as sponsors of various entities and French organizations.The center takes its name from the populous neighborhood in which it is located on the outskirts of Marseille. Those were days of meetings, interviews, readings and theatrical performances. Perhaps the most striking thing about broadcasting is that these meetings are broadcast live over the Internet, both image and sound, so that coverage can be considered worldwide. The planned program was developed with the participation, among others, the author Gerald Gruhn, which were read their works “Auto-Psy (de petits crimes innocents)” and “Le Plaisir de la marche. Also came from Paris, Philippe Touzet, vice president of the EAT (Ecrivains associ s du th tre), and read four of his short works: “If n’existe pas l’enfer, je viens de l’inventor” ” Miette de pain et tache de vin “,” Juste un petit tour “and” No l chez les no l. From Brussels (Belgium) came Adolphe Nysenhoc author, a specialist in Chales Chaplin.Also read plays Sabine Mallet (Paris – France), St phane Tit ca (Tours – France) and Caroline Weiss (Paris – France) Some topics that were discussed, symposia moderated by Fabrice Raina-were “Representation of authors living in the tissue of the Second City theater in France” Marseilles , “What is theater for the inhabitants of cities and popular areas “and” Why a man decides one day write plays. ” They offered “The Tales of insertion” for the company Th tre et Soci t , of Marseilles, “The managers of colors” by the Company Croqueti of Ch teaurenard (France), “Here we are,” the Company Teatrofia of Tenerife (Spain) and “Music Hall”, by the Company Troupeau dans le cane. A DAY DEVOTED TO THEATER IN SPANISH LANGUAGE The 26th was devoted to Spanish-language theater.Brief were read two works by Spanish: La Cuchara, Salvador Enriquez, Farhad Lak and read by the author himself, handling all dimensions Juan Reyes, Teatrofia Company and across the street, Farhad Lak, who wrote in Marseille for the occasion, and played Juan Reyes, Antonio Conejo and Juan Luis Moreno, the three Teatrofia Company. In direct connections via the Internet (audio and videoconferencing), for which we have the effective assistance as a translator Chist a Damien, we heard the views of Veronica Artagaveytia, from Uruguay, Pedro Montalb n, from Valencia (Spain), Juan Martins, from Maracay (Venezuela), Jorge Ivan Blandon, from Colombia, and Mario Moscoso, from Argentina.

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