Customer Loyalty System

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Customer loyalty schemes are designed to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. In addition, regular customers will be attracted from walk-ins. There are various systems which attempt to tie trade and service customers. The customer will be rewarded, for example after the purchase premiums. This may take the form of gifts or a bonus to happen, for example, the use of the lounge or the like. Another customer loyalty system is to provide the customer before the purchase has discounts or subsidies. This may be, for example extra baggage allowance on Air Airlines. The third customer loyalty scheme is to offer the customer the best service at all times. The customer will be stimulated by this customer-relationship management to repeatedly enter into business relationships with the respective manufacturer. A common second-hand resources are customers or bonus cards. Customers benefit from additional benefits and the entrepreneur receives the data of the person in order to be able to do market research. How is the buying behavior ofCardholder analyzed and it can be selectively applied, which has a higher chance of success, therefore, indiscriminate advertising. The most common customer systems are discount coupons, frequent flyer programs and coupons. In Germany in 2005 were approximately 100 million store cards in use, which proves that even the client knows its benefits from the discounts and bonuses to use and this action also implements.

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