Illuminated Essence

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Bodhisattva, in Buddhist tradition, is someone that seeks the union and harmony, and that postponed his own illumination (or go to Nirvana) to help others to achieve theirs. Sometimes, when we hear the word lighting, we think of something very distant to us, so we have nothing to do. We believe that the little word belongs to a Buddhist monastery, far from real life. But nothing could be further from the truth. What we call light is simply being ourselves. It is not that a do or learn anything or be a certain way there’s.

Instead, it’s go polishing, eliminating what do not define us. Our essence is what is left of us after putting aside our ego, our desires, our past, our emotional bagage, plans, fears, guilt, limitations, and everything that distracts us express what’s really in our hearts. Our essence is a spark; Very easy is to see in a baby, but growing up we are hiding it. Lighting is to leave out that spark to the surface and take the control of our lives. Nothing more. The way to do that has nothing to do with difficult metaphysical lessons. Laughing, communicate with others, leave the worries of side and simply abandon yourself to live in the present, even a moment, that is the lighting. I hope you enjoy the video on youtube. Helena Aramendia.

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